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Balanced nutrition for healthy and strong body

Balanced nutrition for healthy and strong body

Parents want their babies to grow taller and better. When they hear that a certain food is good for their children, they just eat it with all their brains.

In fact, undernutrition and excess nutrition are too much for the child, which is not good for the healthy growth of the baby.

The balance of nutrition is the most important, because what the baby needs most during the growth and development stage is not a single nutrient, but a variety of and various types of food absorption, and the child must develop a regular and quantitative diet to meet the body’s growth needs.

  With the improvement of living standards and parents’ emphasis on baby nutrition, malnutrition due to baby obesity is rare, and most baby malnutrition is caused by the following three reasons: 1.

Improper reach and improper food matching result in insufficient energy and nutrient injection, followed by indigestion and absorption, accompanied by decreased immune function and causing various infections.


After acute or chronic diseases, improper care and malnutrition can lead to malnutrition and multivitamin deficiency.


Low birth weight babies (premature babies, low birth weight babies), because of their rapid growth, require relatively high nutrients, often resulting in malnutrition or the severity of malnutrition due to improper and unmet needs.

The above reasons are often mixed or have occurred one after another, and cause each other.

  In general, the nutrients needed for infant growth and development can be divided into six categories: protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic salts and water.

Plasma fibers can be classified in the formaldehyde group or separately in the seventh group.

These 7 nutrients are necessary for your baby’s growth and development.

If the long-term intake is not balanced, it will lead to nutritional diseases.

For example, some babies do not have a small amount of food, but the iron content in the diet structure is prone to develop iron-deficiency anemia; some babies do not lack protein and slight intake, but they have nutritional megaloemia.

It seems that the baby has a good appetite, eats more, and sleeps well, does not mean that the baby has a healthy body, this is the problem of nutritional balance.

  Scientific feeding small prevention, you can start to make your baby nutritionally balanced from the following aspects: 1.

No partial eclipse, take an average of 7 categories of food, and establish good eating habits.


The diet of babies before the age of one year must be comprehensive, starting with the addition of complementary foods.

Some parents often worry about their children’s allergies and screen for their children.

In fact, as long as the child’s allergy is not serious, you can give a small amount and observe it, and then gradually increase it. It is not necessary to completely prohibit it, otherwise you may miss the opportunity for your child to get nutrition.


In addition to avoiding giving their children a single type of food that changes too little, parents must choose fresh, clean, and economical food.

And learn to make good use of the color of the ingredients to match, and promote the appetite of children through bright colors.

Changes in the shape of the ingredients are also a way to increase children’s interest in eating.

If you find that your baby has unfavorable foods and cooking methods, you can start by reducing the number of servings, servings, and changing the cooking method, and let your children slowly accept.