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Create the knowledge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Intellectual Property Protection "Green Caving"

Original title: Creating the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Intellectual Property Protection "Qing Cavel" in recent years, under the leadership of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office vigorously implements innovative driving development strategy and intellectual property strategy, continuously strengthening system construction and policies Leading, actively promoting the implementation of various decision-making deputies in central strengthening intellectual property protection, continuously promoting the improved intellectual property protection system to create a good business environment for innovative entities, and help high quality development in Qinghai Province.

"Strengthening system construction, optimizing top design, is the top priority of building a perfect intellectual property protection system, providing powerful driving force for entrepreneurial and effectively improving social public intellectual property protection awareness, also rapid construction ‘strict protection , The intellectual property protection system of great protection, fast protection, and protection ‘provides institutional protection. "Said Jingping, director of the Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office. Sounding system innovation has a guarantee, we found that the product packaging produced by the local dairy products is very similar to our company to get the design patent product packaging, so I will seek help from the Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office. After the Qinghai Intellectual Property Office The retrieval comparison of staff and many field surveys, eventually identified the other party’s suspected infringement of our design patents.

Wang Weisheng, chairman of Qinghai Xiaoxi Niu Bi Dairy Co., Ltd. (known as Xiaoxi Niu Company), told reporters to benefit from the help policy of the Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office, the company quickly determined the intellectual property rights program, and was shorter All materials needed for rights protection are prepared within time.

In fact, the situation of Xiaoxi Niu Company is not a case.

In recent years, the Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office has issued a variety of policy measures, continuously strengthening the construction of the system system, ensuring the openness of the market entity, the orderly business environment, and the promotion of the innovative main intellectual property protection awareness.

In July 2020, the Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office issued the "Implementation Plan for Organizing the Work of Intellectual Property Rights", actively exploring the construction of rights and rights assistance work mechanisms, strengthening demand and resource integration docking, effectively using intellectual property rights rights assistance means, Maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of innovative entities and the right to provide multi-faceted services, providing a strong guarantee for the promotion of the province’s economic high-quality development and promoting the optimization business environment. Subsequently, Qinghai Province has introduced the "Qinghai Province’s cooperation memorandum to the joint discipline of intellectual property (patent) in the field of intellectual property (patent)", Qinghai Province’s intellectual property credit system construction takes a solid step.

The continuous intellectual property protection system has made the creation capacity of intellectual property rights in Qinghai Province has been steadily improved, and it provides a system guarantee for the business development of innovative entities.

According to statistics, from January to November 2020, Qinghai Province patented licensed is 4,291, and the total number of people invented by the population.

As of the end of 2020, the province’s accumulated patent is 10,000 pieces; the accumulated registered trademarks, the geographical logo proves 36 trademarks, 15 geographical indication protection products, and 67 geographical indications of agricultural products. "Focusing on the development of the Qinghai Province, continuously strengthen policy leadership, actively constructs more complete intellectual property protection systems, and enhancing corporate brand value, reshaping industrial value chain, enhancing SME intellectual property protection capabilities and protection levels is extremely important significance.

"Duan Jingping said. It takes special initiatives to protect the effectiveness" as a local exhibitor, we have seen the "Youth Fair Intellectual Property Protection Manual", knowing that relevant intellectual property staff has settled in Qinghai, which makes us This is more assured.

"In Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, many small and medium-sized enterprises participating in China · Qinghai Green Development Investment Trade Fair (known as Qingyi Club) have such a feeling, Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office continues to strengthen the intellectual property protection of the exhibition, Introducing the exhibitors in the fast rights protection. Duan Jingping introduced that in recent years, the special exhibitions of the Qingqihui, the Tibetan Blanket exhibition have carried out the special law enforcement actions of intellectual property rights, and establish a corporate rights protection aid green channel to carry out the knowledge of foreign investment cooperation enterprises. Property Rights Rights Assistance Action, etc., is an important measures in the Protection of Intellectual Property Protection in Qinghai Province in recent years to effectively maintain the order of intellectual property protection during the exhibition, and provide guarantee and support for Qinghai Province innovation companies.

"In 2020, we continued to strengthen special law enforcement actions in the field of intellectual property, and conducted 16 related special action supervision and investigations in the relevant urban and park market supervision departments, and 17 special inspections were conducted in the jurisdiction. I found 4 chaos clues, and 4 post-strips after the transfer of the grassroots market supervision and management department, effectively maintained the market order.

"Duan Jingping introduced that the industrial layout and market distribution of Qinghai Province has targetedly carrying out special law enforcement actions for intellectual property rights in the right time, which is the effectiveness of the intellectual property protection in Qinghai Province. In addition, 2020, Qinghai Province mobilized Organize all city market supervision and management departments to improve the frequency of law enforcement inspections during New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, "3 · 15" and "4 · 26", surrounded by malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, glasses shops, etc. around the intellectual property infringement. 43 special inspections, effectively expanded the scope of protection of intellectual property administrative law enforcement.

According to statistics, since 2016, Qinghai Province investigated and punished counterfeit patents and patent logo labeled 117 cases, and handled 47 patent infringement disputes. In 2020, the provincial market supervision department investigated 70 of the various types of trademark infringement cases, the case value was 10,000 yuan, and the penalty was 10,000 yuan.

The province’s procuratorate shall approve 5 of the arrest of the intellectual rights case, filed a public prosecutor case of 8 pieces, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights; the provincial court system accepts a total of one, second trial A total of 287 civil affairs and criminal cases were a total of 198, and the correction rate was%.

"Multi-department, multi-level, all-round intellectual property protection ‘out of truth", can ensure that the special law enforcement actions of intellectual property, there is a healthy and orderly market environment to create a healthy and orderly market environment, and solve the worries of innovative entities. Duan Jingping said. "Next, we will continue to focus on the development of the specialty industry in Qinghai, establish and improve the intellectual property protection system, continue to carry out patent administrative law enforcement work, and cooperate with relevant units to do a good job in intellectual property (patent) joint punishment, continue to promote intellectual property rights. Administrative law enforcement and criminal justice cooperation, build a ‘Qinglijie’ in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Intellectual Property Protection, escorting one enterprise innovation, and maintains an innovative environment. "In the face of the future, Duan Jingping is full.

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