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“Are you complimenting me,Hahaha,Reporter Tian can really talk,Speak,You dated me a few times,Met today,What are you going to interview?”George asked。

“Originally,You make fashion magazines,Also belongs to the media,Just the difference in focus,weXtNetwork technology is a multi-platform new media expression and content dissemination,So some architectures are both different and similar to yours。Of course, in order to better promote to you and fashion magazines,I believe you need it,We also want,Suitable for both。”Tian Lu’s untimely introductionXtPlatform advantages of network technology。
“You shit girl,but,I like to listen to。Speak,From which angle to start?”George continued to ask。
“I want to interview today,Talk about your entrepreneurial journey and heart story,Then I would like to invite you to talk about the breakthroughs and achievements of fashion magazines in the industry.,then,The format of my interview today,Will record、image、Record a small video with text to do this interview。You can see it?”Tian Lu said as he took out the outline of the interview passed to George the other day.,Familiarize him with the printed version,Revisit。
George took it in his hand and looked at the clear interview outline,Took her words:“can,There are so many expressions to promote together,Still pretty good,I believe the click-through rate and reading volume will be high。”
“Ok,Then we start recording,After the interview,I also want to go to the fashion magazine operation room to take some pictures,Let’s make this interview more lively。”Tian Lu suggested。
“that is good!Is the communication effect we want to strengthen。”George couldn’t help but say。
“I will post today’s interview as soon as possible,We will give you the link in advance!”Tian Lu said with a rigorous attitude。
George smiled,Show approval:“The speed of new media spread,The fast release is also worthy of recognition。”
“Yes,This is the advantage of new media。Then start recording,Do you think,Let’s talk about your entrepreneurial development history first,The interview takes about half an hour to an hour。”Tian Lu took out the notebook、pen、Recording pen、Small camera debugging、Ready to boot,And then prompted him to speak,Record。
When the camera is facing George,George is a little nervous,Adjusted the dress and hairstyle。
In Tian Lu’s relaxed question,Gradually enter the state,Replied relaxedly,Natural and easy language expression,Organized thinking,Talk very happy。