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“Hahahaha!Mayor Wang should have heard of it!Apart from our work relationship with Xia Jian,Still good friends in private,So it’s no surprise that I came to his house“Ouyang Hong said with a big smile。

Wang Degui’s face is getting ugly,He was thinking of becoming the mayor and came to build a home in Xia,Put a little pressure on their family,I didn’t expect that he would not give him the face of the mayor.,Even Ouyang Hong is a deputy mayor,To speak to his son,Wang Degui feels he can’t hold on to his face。
Murder。Xia Jian has seen Wang De’s unhappy Guizhou,He hurriedly smiled and said:“All right!The old village chief and mayor Wang can come to our old Xia’s house,Really honored,This matter is over。Live in a village,Actually there is no need to be so polite“
Xia Jian finally gave Wang Degui down,He immediately stood up when he heard:“Or Mr. Xia, generous,Young people have a bright future!Xiping Village can have someone like you,Is the blessing of the people in our village”
Wang Degui said,Walked outside。Wang Youdao also stood up,He smiled and said:“Bother you!Mayor Ouyang is free to sit in my humble home”
“Thank you Mayor Wang!I will definitely come when I have time”Ouyang Hong said with a smile。After all, Wang Youdao is the mayor,No matter what,She has to leave room for others in terms of face。
Wang Degui and Wang Youdao just walked forward,Xia Zecheng ran in,He asked in a flustered expression:“Did Wang Degui bring his son to our house to show off??“
“OK!What to show off,Won’t you become the mayor??I’m not rare“Sun Yuejuan did not say angrily。
Zhao Hong looked at Xia Zecheng in a hurry,She hurriedly smiled:“It’s okay Uncle Xia。The father and son came over to Xia Jiandaoqian,Because their eldest son framed Xia Jian“
“Humph!This bastard family,There is not a good thing。I tell you,We are enemies,Keep me away from their family“Xia Zecheng snorted coldly,Pointing to Xia Jian and said loudly。
When Wang Degui entered the house,He scolded loudly:“It’s this unbelievable guy that made me lose face,You remembered it for me,Xia Jian, please stay away from me“
“What’s the matter dad?Xia Jian gave you a look?I’ll go to him to settle accounts“Wang Youcai sitting in the chair listened,Stood up immediately,Go outside。
Wang Youdao gave a cold cry:“stop!What time is it,You’re still making trouble here。People didn’t give us a face,It’s because we feel that we have no face,Do you understand“
Wang Youcai listened,Just sat down。 So it’s noon today,When Wang Degui passed by the village committee, he saw Xia Jian’s Big Ben,As soon as he came back, he called his two sons,Let them rush back。
Chen Yueqin is back too,When he came, he temporarily hired a nurse for Wang Youfa。Although she has resentment towards her elder son,But he was also a piece of meat that fell from her after all。
“his dad!Don’t be angry,It’s not worth being angry at this prodigal thing。You said he’s not too young,Should have become a family long ago。But what is he doing now,I really get a headache when I think of him“Chen Yueqin comforted Wang Degui。