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Li Haiying’s thin body suddenly swelled,A huge force burst out from his thin body,His palm shot out like lightning,It happened to be on Chen Xiu’s palm!

The sea is boundless and nine different strengths are coming like tide,Wave after wave。
“Wind attributes?”
“……I am also a wind attribute,Even if he is stronger than me,Can’t knock me down,Wait for the Patriarch and Patriarch Qingyun to arrive,He is dead!”
But Li Haiying hasn’t had time to be happy,A strange innocence came in again。
“This……This is the fire attribute……
He is dual attributes!
How can there be dual attributes,So i have to get hurt!”Fate
When he was amazed, a different innocence came。
“mine……Thunder Rule……Although very weak,But it is the Thunder attribute undoubtedly……
How can anyone have three attributes,I am dead!”
The true energy of the three attribute laws suddenly burst into Li Haiying’s body,All the meridians of his body were broken by the explosion,then……No one then……
Who would have thought that a sixth-rank master couldn’t resist even Chen Xiu’s move。
Chen Xiu succeeded,Feeling that Patriarch Qingyun is only ten seconds away from him before he can arrive,Ten meters is enough for him to do many things。
such as,
“Promise Sword Array!”
The power alone is naturally that Qingyun Sanshou can exert greater power,But the Promise Sword Array is more suitable for group killing。and,Just deal with a group of third-rate masters,There is no difference between Promise Sword Formation and Qingyun Sanshou,The only result is——dead!
Suddenly a few white apertures appeared in front of Chen Xiu,Big circle small circle,Positive circle oblique circle,Blinking。More and more sword circles are drawn,Not too long,His whole body is hidden in countless apertures,Aperture not closed,Another regeneration,Although the long sword makes extremely fast,But I can’t hear the slightest sound of the golden blade chopping the wind,It shows that Jian Jin’s flexibility has reached the state of transformation。