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Far beyond the spiritual energy intensity of human mutants,There is even a fundamental difference!If this power is not the power of God,,What else is that?

however,The amazing things are far more than they perceive。
The torrent of snakes came to an abrupt end,Like a dam closing gate,Cut off the upstream torrent。
The snake flow in front of me became rootless water,No longer surging forward,And it all stopped。
Those venomous snakes put away their mimicry,Back to the form of a caterpillar,And curled up into a ball。
This is like a miracle,All the humans present were shocked!
Turn the tide,Save everyone from danger,Such a magical act,Many people couldn’t help but knelt down,Even burst into tears。
Their not fragile heart,As if can’t bear such a big ups and downs!
And the one who accomplished this miracle,In their eyes right now,He has become a figure comparable to Moses in the legend。
Moses divides the sea,Dharma crossing the river,I’m afraid that’s the level!
Lu Menglin, one person and one stick,Stand alone in front of the billowing snakes,Blocked the danger of great destruction for humanity。
now,Several high-level powerhouses hidden in the mutant team,They showed strange eyes。
Some of them were surprised,Someone thoughtful,Some people even show greed secretly。
suddenly,Liu Guofeng and Zhang Qingtan wake up like a dream,Gritted his teeth,Striding to Lu Menglin。
Xiaojie and the young girl Li also froze for a while,Rushed up quickly。
Carlo has a hard face,Two steps,This time but didn’t catch up。