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“Boss!Previously steadily superb,Even now,Is it a top-notch skill?!”

Mo Mo thought about Xiang Chen’s performance,Then make an evaluation。
Smiled satisfied,Mo Mo’s answer is obviously the same as Xiang Yang’s answer。
“Sister Na Momo,How many super masters are there now?”Xiangyang asked。
“It should be no more than five!Dongfang Qinglong is an old Taoist of China,The first token of the Dark Day, the Long Sword Dragon Soul, was taken away by him;And the European named Rodzan,Known as the Western White Tiger,But it should be his dagger,Now in your father’s hands,I even cut your birthday cake on your birthday!”
Mo Mo whispered,There are so many top masters in the world,But there are only a few super masters,Mo Mo can still introduce Xiang Yang。
“As for the Southern Suzaku Lagong,Northern Basalt Osedus,The name is still a bit moist,Although they are definitely better than those first-class masters,But compared with the old Taoists and Rodzan in the East,Still mixed with some moisture。”
“Wasn’t Xiang Chen great before??”Xiangyang’s eyes widened,It’s like parents like to hear others compliment their children,Vice versa。
“If it’s not great,Who can sit on that broken chair three times?”
Mo Mo replied,I seem to remember something in my eyes。
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Six wingman
Listen to Mo Mo’s narration,Xiangyang swallowed hard。
Although there is no clear answer,But in Xiangyang’s understanding,No answer is needed,And this answer makes Xiangyang very satisfied。
Just like the existence of all family fathers in their daughters’ hearts,Xiang Chen is the same with Xiangyang,Or a shelter from the wind,Or the melon shed under the starry sky that prevents the drizzle from getting wet,Anyway, the father is with the daughter,Always a pronoun of asylum。
Know that his father is strong,A daughter can’t hide her pride,As for what Momo said before, it fell to a superb level,Xiangyang selectively filters it out。
“Xiaoyangyang!Your suitor is here again today!Seems to bring a helper,Tut……This woman has a nice body!”
Mo Mo quietly licked his lips with the tip of his tongue,Zheng Weiwei, a noble and glamorous woman,It is indeed the object she likes to conquer。
“Sister Mo Mo,Sometimes i think you,Is your thinking a little confused??”