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The previous Liu Lihong,I guess I fell into this temptation from the beginning.In confusion,Lose yourself with nothing。

in fact,Not betting on rocks to harm people,It’s my love for money that hurt me。World,Nothing is evil,The evil is always only the complicated heart。
“Boss Wang,Then let’s say goodbye,I’ll come back later。”Xin Zhao said。
this time,Good harvest。He found,I am on Populus,Already made a lot。This guy,Always find some good things that interest him。
Wang Laohan personally send it off:“Row,no problem!Boss Zhao, you can come here anytime。”
To the outside shop,Hu Yang was still thinking about the cup made of jade on the shelf of others。
“Brother Wang,That cup looks a bit old,Can you transfer it to me?”Populus couldn’t help but speak。
Wang Lao Han was taken aback,Look at the cup on the shelf。These things,He hasn’t noticed,Are all made by others,He has no time to deal with these little things,I know here except for the jade toad at the counter,Everything else is worthless。
At this moment,See Populus mentioned,I can’t help but look more,Found nothing special,The jade on the surface of the cup is not very good。
“Ha ha!Since you call my brother Wang,If you like this thing,Just send you off。”
This is what Hu Yang fears most:“Brother,If this is baby,Don’t hate me from now on。”
Old man Wang picked up the jade cup,Throw in Populus:“Although my old man loves money,But not so unbearable。Anyway, put it here,Too dusty,If it’s a baby,I don’t know myself,I can only blame myself for having no eyes,How can I blame my brother?”
He is also a veteran who has played jade for many years,Although only proficient in jade,But after all, it’s all jade,I can see how good the quality of jade is。
The jade cup in front of me,Jade quality is really average,Is it what Hu Yang said?,Something a bit old,Is it antique,Then he doesn’t know,Don’t care too much。
“in this way,Thanks!”Hu Yang said happy。
Only Xin Zhao and Hua Zi who know about Populus shut up,Thought to myself:What kind of treasure is that??
Betting on rocks,Put aside,But Populus euphratica’s ability,They absolutely trust。Since Hu Yang has spoken,Fancy,That must not be ordinary goods。
After waiting out of the shop,Xincai Zhao asked:“Brother,What’s the origin of this cup?”