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I have been drinking half, he feels that it is even more acceptable tonight.,If you drink a bottle,I am afraid I have to work all day tomorrow.。

“no,I just give an example.,Just now, my dad called me, saying that they have the blood mud.,Some scared。”
“Oh,There is no problem with blood mud,You let two old,Flush,Then go to sleep.,Find a one-time quilt, don’t catch cold,The next day, take a shower 100% will let them be a shocked.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Han Shanshan is also afraid that his father is worried,Pick up the phone directly and played the past。
Han is listening to Han Shanshan’s words,Also from the bathtub,Then I told Bai Xiaoyue.。
The next morning,Li Hui Feng is to send SMS to Han Shanshan,Then he went wrong.。
Originally, according to his thoughts, I should go last night.,Just didn’t expect delays.。
Zhang Bo saw Li Hui’s way to go,I want to call Han Shanshan.,The result was blocked by Li Hui.。
Leave Han Shanshan’s home,Li Hui is directly driving towards Xu Ru’s hotel.。
And just in Li Hui,Han was shocked after the Bai Xiaoyue came out from the bathhouse.。
Especially Bai Xiaoyue,She now some understand why her daughter has so great change.,Affairs is also a so-called life ravine that Li Hui Feng gives it.。
Han did not think that Bai Xiaoyue change would be so big.。
The good face is more beautiful than before.,Originally because there were many places after having children, they did not exercise.,But now I am actually the same as the girl.。
Although Bai Xiaoyue is around the bath towel,But he still can see the huge。
Bai Xiaoyue also looked at Han in the young people who have been at least five years old.,Especially the other’s stomach seems to have laughed a lot.。
Both people have seen a surprise from each other’s eyes。
“Old Han,You said that this little Li, who knows, Sanshan, is not a fairy.,We just have a bite of the life of the jade bottle.,Change so big now,You said that we have finished drinking,Will not be as young as Shanshan?”
“Hey-hey,You have already been young as Shanshan now.,You now go out with Shanshan to go shopping.,Will definitely treat you as a sister,Not mother and daughter,Especially you look at your development,Which is a child’s appearance?。”
Looking at Han in the eyes of the god, staring around the bath towel,Bai Xiaoyue suddenly also shy。
“screw you,You have been an old age, no one is still working.。”
“Hey-hey,Who let my wife are beautiful?,But I also changed very big.,Do you want to see it??”
Say,Han is going to solve your bathrobe。
But it was blocked by Bai Xiaoyue.。
“okay,Change your clothes first,The sun is old,You are still here and everything you are,Not afraid of children jokes.。”
Although this is said,But Bai Xiaoyue still can’t help himself run to the mirror.。
Gently unlock the bath towel,Seeing that there is some nearly perfect body in the mirror,She can’t help but be more confident。
The two are wearing clothes in a suit.,Then prepare to go to the company。
Bai Xiaoyue is wearing a short skirt she is not daring in the weekdays.,Leather boots。
But wear today,She is particularly confident。
“Zhang Lao Ge,Is Xiao Li and Shanshan still sleep??”
Zhang Bo saw that Han is a shocking。
“Brother,You are this makeup?
Still really getting younger?”
Zhang Bo is an incredible look at Bai Xiaoyue。
Where is the fishing tail pattern of the opponent’s corner?,Especially the other party laughs.,Let him not help but think of each other ten years ago。
Simply exactly the same。
“Giggle,We become young,If you are going on, we don’t know.,Do you still sleep??”
About this question,Bai Xiaoyue is very unified to say that it is very unified to talk to Han.,After all, Han Shan Shan,And they also feel that this thing is really too anti-day。