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Zhang Yong on the side was taken aback,Although I can’t feel the cold of winter in the living room,But this is winter after all,And Xia Jian sat motionless,How can he sweat?

Ali is a woman after all,Her mind is a little bit thinner than Zhang Yong。She saw Xia Jian sweating profusely,I know that Xia Jian is worried about Luo Yi。
“you can not do that,This matter is in a hurry,Don’t worry about your body”Ali brought the towel,Wiping sweat for Xia,Said anxiously。
Xia Jian only said a word:“How to do it?”Said this sentence dozens of times。Ali and Zhang Yong were scared,The two of them stood in front of Xia Jian in panic,Constantly comforting Xia Jian,But Xia Jian just didn’t listen。
Ali cried,She cried and said:“what should I do?You talk!”
“Or send Mr. Xia to the hospital first,He is anxious,Mentally deaf”Zhang Yong said to Ali very seriously。
Ali glared at Zhang Yong and said:“You know a fart,Go aside”
Ali looked at Xia Jian,Can’t help but slap Xia Jian,She yelled:“Don’t do this anymore,Miss’s accident is already unbearable,I do this again,I’ll just die”
Ali’s slap,I didn’t expect it really worked。Xia Jian suddenly stopped talking,He looked at Ali with fixed eyes,A full ten seconds。
He suddenly said:“Luo Yi has surrendered,Then we must find a way,For example, get her a lawyer,Light sentence”
Ali’s slap,Restored Xia Jian’s sanity,His two sentences have shown that he is already normal。Ali broke into a smile,She smiled and said:“Don’t worry about this,Luo will always have a way”
“Oh!”Xia Jian responded,I still took out my phone。
Ali grabbed the phone in Xia Jian’s hand and said:“Tell you not to fight,You don’t need to find someone,Why don’t you listen?Miss, this matter is not as simple as you think,So don’t bother,Wait until your affairs are done,Hurry back!”
Ali’s words,Make Xia Jian tremble。She is right,He left Luo’s house as soon as possible,Luo Jun won’t be distracted by him anymore,This is also helping。
Xia Jian can’t sit still anymore,He ran upstairs quickly,I immediately called Xiao Xiao,One call,He didn’t ask angrily:“Which money was transferred or not??”
“Turned!Can i still lie to you?My Xiao Xiao is in your Xia Jian’s mind,Is it such a person”Xiao Xiao said,Also hot。