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This young man is Hu Lin’s cousin,And heir to the next generation of Hu,As long as there is a chance,Of course he will spare no effort to step on Hu Lin,Only stepped on Hu Lin who is usually the most favored sister,His chances of being on the top will naturally increase in the future。

“what?This girl is so lawless!Second uncle,You always talk,We will send someone immediately,Catch her back!”
“Correct!To get her back。Otherwise, where should we put Hu’s face?”
“Yes!I heard she was with the refugees,Even the content about the killing of General Tieqin dared to broadcast,This is a scourge!”
at this time,Mr. Hu sitting in front of the hall,Which is Hu Lin’s grandfather,The first marshal of night Korea,Suddenly opened my eyes。
He opened his eyes,The relatives around immediately became quiet.。
They say that Guan Gong doesn’t open his eyes,Open eyes to kill!This old man Hu,As the Imperial Marshal,There is a bit of Guan Yunchang aura,Not angry。
“You guys are too noisy!Xiaolin is a reporter,It is her duty to speak freely!”Marshal Hu said in a deep voice。
In the huge chamber,Suddenly silent。
All relatives know,Hu Lin is his little granddaughter Hu Lin.,But this time,If the old man is still so confused,Will bring disaster to the family。
then,Hu Lin’s second uncle Hu Dongping exchanged glances with several uncles, nephews and brothers,The former coughed slightly,Then said:“father,It’s not that we have to target Hu Lin,This girl has done too much!Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s office specifically called me,He told us to take care of the younger generation,Don’t make trouble。You say,Isn’t this just showing us that we are beating?”
Marshal Hu listen,Sneered:“Prime Minister Chen has a good relationship with Tie Qin Guo,Lin’er, they disrupted the Prime Minister’s deal with Tie Qin Guo,They are naturally resentful。What is this?As a night Korean soldier,Should have been competing with Tie Qin on the battlefield,sneaking,Collusion,Only you guys can do it!”
Hu Dongping shook his head,Smiled:“father,The current situation is different,Our line of defense is lost again and again,Those monsters are going to enter the capital,It’s Tie Qin Guo,Focus on the great cause of human race,Willing to send soldiers to fight for us。Hu Lin is ignorant of a child,Don’t you understand?”
What he said,Sounds terribly harsh,If it’s normal,Who dares to talk to Marshal Hu in this tone?!
But now,All of Hu’s children were silent,Obviously agree with Hu Dongping’s opinion,Think the old marshal is too staid。
But no wonder,Catastrophe is imminent,South Korea’s defense line is at stake,Everyone wants a strong force to intervene,Turn the tide,And Tie Qin Guo is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forces。
Before alien monsters invaded,Korea has fought with Tieqin for many years,Treat each other as enemies,But after the alien invasion,The record of the two countries is simply worlds apart,The gap is very big。
South Korea’s defenses have fallen back and forth,And when Tie Qin Guo faced the monster army,Often able to play impressive records,Make the nations look at。