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Beautiful,Charming beach,Under clear sky,beautiful beach,Parasol like a flower standing high,A panoramic view of the blue sea and passionate men and women from all over the world。Nature has the most suitable climate、The cleanest air、The warmest sunshine、The most azure water、The softest beach、The most charming beauties、The most delicious seafood……Have given this seaside city the vast sea left,Pleasant scenery,Comfortable climate。It is a fairy tale holy land for men and women in love。

Chen Amei and Tian Lu put on bikinis,Put on sunglasses,Long hair fluttering,Very exotic。
Ding Kelan and Lin Hai wear floral vests,Wearing grey static shorts,Walk vigorously on the beach。
“Colan,Have you seen the girls on the beach are so enchanting,Are you interested in having two beautiful girls come over and have fun。”Lin Hai proposed。
It just so happened that a group of bikini girls came behind,Take the initiative to strike up a conversation with them in a very charming manner。Lin Hai whistled at them,Stir up waves in my heart。He looked back at Ding Kelan,Found that he was looking at the two girls in front of the general body,Deeply inexplicable。
The more you look,Lin Hai slides down the sunglasses to the bridge of his nose,Tao:“This woman is so familiar,Do you want my buddies to ask you?。”Somewhat affectionate,But it’s like understanding。
The voice fell off,Walked over。“Tian Lu?”Lin Hai is not surprised,I have observed her on many occasions,Especially looking at her previous work。
“You won’t like this little girl?”Lin Haidao。
Ding Kelan ignored him,Face pretending to look in an unrelated direction。
It’s like negotiated,Two men and two women go under parasols not far apart at the same time,Even the air seems full of adventure。
Ding Ke’s blue eyes focused on one place,Cover up“Heart”。
Tian Lu also saw Ding Kelan,She didn’t look up and nervous like a boss,On the contrary, treat friends of the opposite sex as ordinary friends,There will be a shock,Blush to the neck,Heartbeat,I’m afraid that any action, words and deeds will not satisfy Ding Kelan,The more I want to walk better,The more I feel Ding Kelan’s eyes are staring at me,Instead, the two sides of the walk are twisted。
“what?!”suddenly,Ding Kelan received a call,The whole person jumped up immediately,Concentrate on the content of the other party’s words,No longer pay attention to the state of selflessness around the world。
Tian Lu’s self-motivated behavior is still going on,Seeing Ding Kelan’s brows furrowed,Hold on to the inner twitching restlessness,Several Rao looked at Ding Kelan。
Ding Kelan’s face was solemn after hanging up the phone,Seriously like the president,It’s just that today’s clothes don’t match the work clothes,Added a bit of funny,But not funny in the eyes of others,Changes with his face。Lin Haidao:“I rushed to the industrial park to handle an asset disposal,You can stay here,Come back with me,I called Zhu Zhu to pick it up,Should be there when one。”Full of anxiety。
Lin Hai frowned,Upset,But think about it from the perspective of a buddy,He blames it a bit,Tao:“You still a buddy,busy,How can I be outside of my life,I can have fun anytime in the future,Why care for a while。”
Ding Kelan smiled slightly,Like cloudy to clear,Let the people around you unlock the state of sunshine。
Those who can control emotions are bound to achieve great things,This is what Tian Lu always thinks,Now it seems,Ding Keran has let go of what happened just now,He must be waiting for Zhu Zhu to pick him up,Already thought of a solution。
before this,How long will it take to wait for the cruise ship to return,He asked Lin Hai to call a speedboat,First return to the entrance,So that Zhu Zhu will receive it directly。