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Zhao Jialun, the Liushen Wuzhu, said so by her,Seems to have an opinion,Nodding,Coming power,Said:“I’ll go。”Then the two shared their numbers and went separately。

Tian Lu is a temporary shelter given to Chen Amei’s resettlement house,I haven’t had time to get in,Going to help people。
Secretly pray that Ding Yan will not have an accident。She used to rub the car when Amei Chen was there,Or take the bus,Now she feels urgent,called“Taxi”,Go straight to Shanda International Optoelectronics Office Building。
She prayed in her heart that Ding Kelan, who has always been dedicated, would be fine if she was in the office,Where else to find him,Only from him is the only chance。
Came to the first floor lobby,Tian Lu hesitated,Do you want to find Ding Kelan suddenly?,Does it seem reckless。How about asking manager Xia Meihan for help?,She held her phone inxiong Walking back and forth,I hope I can think of a perfect solution,When he turned hurriedly, he suddenly bumped his head against a generous*******before,Hit Tian Lu’s phone on the ground。
Tian Lu quickly bent over to pick up the phone on the ground,stand up,See who you hit。
usually,According to Tian Lu’s personality,Whether it’s hit or be hit,She always apologizes,Always think oneself is wrong,This is also Tian Lu’s philosophy of life,There are fewer disputes and fewer disputes when you go out,Even if the battle is won, what will be more?,Take a step back,This time is no exception,Preparing to apologize,Look up,Ding Kelan is the person looking for。Tian Lu’s mouth is knotted:“akey!”
Ding Kelan’s mouth,Smile badly:“Tian Lu,So flustered,What happened??”
Tian Lu shook her head,Nodded again,Screaming tone:“Have,I have something to find you!”
Ding Kelan frowned and squinted at her,Wait for her to continue。
“That one,Is Ding Yan your sister??”Tian Lu raised her eyes to look at him,His eyes are clear and energetic。
“Yes。”Ding Kelan answered quickly and surely。Make her look,It doesn’t feel like Ding Yan is an outsider。
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