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One after another**Directly on this huge barrier,Although these barriers are powerful,But facing the top power among hot weapons,Still seem so weak,The shield began to crack,Every warrior in the tool city is pale,In order to maintain this strong shield,They are almost out of strength!

A crisp fragrant sounded amidst the rumbling explosion,Everyone’s face is unwilling and angry,In the end, I didn’t stick to it.,Shield shattered,leftover**Ruthlessly fell into the army of Qicheng!
Everything is a moment,The blazing white light concealed the temporary stationed place of the entire Qicheng,Followed by,It’s the raging flames and powerful waves,Chariot,Warrior,Are all trapped by this unrivaled force,Turned to ashes in the vast dust!
Chapter nine hundred and sixty five Defeated like a mountain
“Over,It’s all over!”
This time,The entire device city’s troops were directly deployed by 70%,What concept is this,Except for those guarding the city,The rest of the soldiers are in this place,These guys are all warriors,They are the military core of the entire Qicheng!But everything is over!
There are more than ten**Fell directly among these fighters,Facing this powerful explosive force,Those flames,Those shock waves have already exceeded the limit that these warriors can bear!
In a sense,In the current war,The power of the warrior can absolutely crush technological weapons,But it also depends on the situation。
If one party is a powerful military force,On the other side is a purely traditional thermal weapon force.,Maybe before these guys have time to use a sufficiently powerful thermal weapon,The base camp has been taken over by the powerful military force。
But if both parties are warriors,One of them still has a lot of destructive weapons in their hands.?
Even the Warrior Legion,It’s hard to resist the devastating weapons!
“Santo,**The location of the troops that have been accurately attacked in Qicheng,It’s better than we expected!”
The guy in charge of organizing these super weapons happily came to Xia Chenglong’s side,Defeat the opponent’s main force in one fell swoop,What is this concept,before this,These guys can’t even think about it!
Xia Chenglong’s face also showed a rare smile,I didn’t expect the other party to be so obedient,Hit his own muzzle directly,You don’t die,Don’t I lose face?