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How big is the universe,How old is,Is there a civilization similar to the earth?,The four-dimensional world constructed by the countless three-dimensional worlds in his lecture is just a hypothesis,Also can’t prove。

But Wang Yufei is different from others in that,He has seen some truth,That is, there used to be intelligent creatures like the people on earth that came to this world,And left him something,Then disappeared。
It’s just that the truths he saw can’t be shared with anyone.。
Just know these,It’s already destined to have his knowledge far beyond others,Not to mention there are more insights in his mind。
So he is not very interested in winning prizes on earth。
What do I need to prove?
Prove that he is smarter than everyone?
No more proof。
Prove that he works harder than everyone else?
Meaningless,The vast majority of ordinary people cannot see the efforts of successful people,Just think he is smart,And good luck,Just seized the opportunity。
It’s boring。
However, Wang Yufei’s temperament is still not boring enough to refute the kindness of others,Just nodded slightly,But no answer。
Actually, the translation roughly means,Say what you think,I can hear it and count me lose。