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2021 National Track and Field Championship Salary A Name of the National Association Impact Olympic seat

Xinhua News Agency, Shaoxing, June 10 (Reporter Zhu Yue Zhang Yue Xia Liang) reporter learned from the 2021 National Track and Field and Olympic Selection Press Conference Nearly 600 athletes of the team have gathered in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, participated in this three-day competition.

In accordance with the "Attachment Project to participate in the Tokyo Olympics Selection Measures", the event will select the list of athletes who participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

This championship has set up 41 competition projects, including 20 men, 20 women, and 1 men and women.

In terms of schedule settings, a total of three units, compact, track and field matching, most projects are direct finals, greatly increase the ornamentality of the event, and improve competition.

This competition is the last heavyweight event of my country’s track and field in front of the Tokyo Olympics. In addition to the short running of Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenqing, etc.

"I have a good time in recent hours, I hope to borrow a better level to borrow Yu Fu, start from here, and go to the Olympic Games to win the championship, and glory for the country.

"At the press conference, the woman’s lead ball name Gong Li said, I hope to break through the 20 m direct relationship in this competition. Shaoxing athletes Xie Zhenye also expressed their expectations at the press conference:" Thank you for building such high standards, high standards The platform platform, this is my third time to come to Shangyu Sports Center to participate in the competition, every time there is different feelings.

I will adjust my preparation strategy through the game, and I will fully impact the Tokyo Olympics. My dream is to rise in the Olympic stadium, flourish for the country! At the "Conference, Tian Xiaojun, Vice President of China Track and Field Association, said that Shangyu has the conditions and experience of hosting the National Track and Field Championships. Last year, the National Track and Field Championships held in Shangyu is the only national field track and field event in 2020. This time Championship and Olympic selection competitions were held in Shangyu, which is not only recognized by Shangxu’s competition. It is also the final preparation and sprint for preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.

(Editor: Li Ya).