Reminder: the three taboos for pregnant women taking a shower

Reminder: the three taboos for pregnant women taking a shower

Pregnant mothers should pay special attention when taking a bath. If you don’t pay attention to the method during bathing, you can have a great influence on the mother and the fetus, especially for the fetus.

  After pregnancy, due to changes in the body’s secretion, the metabolism gradually increases, and the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands will also flourish.

Therefore, expectant mothers need more bathing than ordinary people to keep the skin clean and prevent skin and urinary tract infections.

However, if you do not pay attention to the method during bathing, it may affect the health of the mother and the fetus. Some of the words are even permanent damage.

So, what problems do pregnant women need to pay attention to when bathing?

  Do not take a bath to prevent premature pregnant women from taking a stand when bathing. Do not sit in the tub and take a bath to avoid hot soaking the abdomen.

Because the endocrine function of the body after pregnancy has changed in many ways, the acidic secretions with bactericidal action in the vagina are reduced, and the natural defense function in the body is reduced. At this time, if the bath, the bacteria in the water, the virus easily enters the vagina.Uterus, leading to vaginitis, salpingitis, etc., or cause urinary tract infections, so that pregnant women appear chills, high fever, abdominal pain and other symptoms, this will increase the chances of medication during pregnancy, but also created conditions for teratogenic, premature birth.

  Bathing time within 20 minutes of bathing in the bathroom or bath cover, pregnant women will soon have dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, chest tightness and other symptoms.

This is due to the gradual decrease of air in the bathroom or shower hood, higher temperature, and relatively insufficient oxygen supply. In addition, the stimulation of the hot water bath will cause the vascular expansion of the whole body surface, which will make the blood supply to the pregnant woman’s brain insufficient.

At the same time, the mortality rate will also be hypoxia, and the fetal heart rate will be accelerated. In severe cases, the development of the hypertensive nervous system will be adversely affected.

Therefore, it is better for pregnant women to control the hot water bath for less than 20 minutes each time.

  Bath water temperature should be below 38 ° C medical research shows that too high temperature will damage the central nervous system of fatty acids.

According to clinical measurements, when the body temperature of pregnant women rises by 2 °C, it will cause the development of fetal brain cells to stagnate; if it rises by 3 °C, there is the possibility of killing brain cells, and thus the brain cell damage formed is mostly irreversible and permanent.Sexual damage, trafficked people may develop mental retardation after birth, and may even form severe deformities, such as small eyeballs, cleft lip, external ear malformations, etc., and some lead to epileptic seizures.

In general, the temperature of the water rises, and the longer the duration, the heavier the damage.

Therefore, the temperature of the water when the pregnant woman is bathing should be below 38 °C.

Hazard of putting the phone on the pillow while sleeping

Hazard of putting the phone on the pillow while sleeping

Radiation from mobile phones can be harmful to the user’s brain, including Alzheimer’s disease.

This adds another evidence to the statement that the mobile phone is harmful to radiation.

  In the experiment, researchers at Lund University in Sweden used a pulse of microwaves similar to those emitted from mobile phones to illuminate mice.

In two minutes, the researchers found that the brain tissue of the mouse was “opened” due to the loss of defense function, and the damaging proteins and toxins in the blood were easily entered.

Similarly, as long as the radiation wave from the mobile phone is next to the brain for two minutes, the body’s defense function to prevent harmful proteins and toxins from entering the brain will also be lost.

Once a harmful protein enters the brain, the risk of developing brain and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis will increase.

  The mobile phone manufacturer’s Air Force has always been ahead of mobile phone radiation to meet safety standards.

This study raises doubts about the safety indicators currently being developed by the World Health Organization.

Experts suggest that it is best not to wait until the radiation harmfulness of the phone is fully confirmed before taking precautions.

  Scientists officially announced for the first time that several researchers at the University of Essen in Germany have recently announced that people who regularly use mobile phones may be three times more likely to suffer from eye cancer than those who use mobile phones. This is the first time scientists have published cell phone radiation that can cause cancer.Official statement.

In the Air Force, some scientists pointed out that cell phone radiation can cause temporary damage to brain cells. This is the first time scientists have pointed out that repeated use of mobile phones can cause permanent damage to the human body.

  If the results of the above studies are confirmed by further research, patients who regularly use mobile phones and have eye cancer will file a large-scale lawsuit against the mobile phone company.

  According to reports, the above scientists studied an eye cancer called malignant melanoma. The eye cancer patients have melanoma on the iris and retina, which can cause blindness and decreased vision.

Dr. Andres Stan, one of the researchers, said that he had studied 118 patients with this type of eye cancer in the experiment and asked about their use of mobile phones, and then with some of them without the disease.The comparison between the people found that the former used the mobile phone far more than the upper limit.

  In the end, the specific reasons for how to use the mobile phone to cause eye cancer are still unclear, but according to scientists, the internal environment of the human eye is moist, which helps the absorption of mobile phone radiation.

Li Qiu also needs to relieve the summer medicine

Li Qiu also needs to relieve the summer medicine

Although it has already established autumn, but after the fall, the hot and humid weather is still going on. This is a good time to discharge heat. However, some commonly used drugs also have different indications. In particular, there are some taboos.Wang Lu, deputy director of the Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced to you the following several common decoctions suitable for use under what circumstances.


hzh {display: none; }  藿香正气水(片、胶囊):这是历史悠久的经典方,也是最常用的清热解暑药,有解暑、化湿、和中的功效,针对的主要症状Including: dizziness, chest tightness, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and so on.

Because of the “damp heat” in the summer, it is also used to help the spleen and stomach.

For heat stroke, the body’s flu is the best.

If used for prevention, take 1/3 of the therapeutic dose each time.

During the medication, you should not eat cold food.

High blood pressure, high blood pressure, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease and other chronic diseases and children, pregnant women, lactating women, elderly and infirm should be taken under the guidance of a physician.

  Liuyi San: The famous summer heat medicine, the formula is the simplest, composed of talc, licorice with a 6:1 formula, “Jiyi San” is also named.

Liuyi Sanqing heat diuretic, people often have symptoms such as urinary heat after heatstroke, and Liuyi can be used with cold boiled water.

  Rendan: It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving vomiting and relieving vomiting, cooling and reclamation, and even used for antipyretic.

Dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, etc. caused by hot weather, can be taken 10 times a day, containing or cold water.

Infants and children should not take it.

  Ten drops of water: Ten drops of water is also a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for relieving heat. It has the effect of relieving heat, dispelling cold and strengthening the stomach. It is characterized by rapid onset of action, dizziness and dizziness after heatstroke, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea.
5 ml of 10 drops of water and pressurized white water to stir well, the symptoms of heatstroke can be quickly relieved.

Drinking a little beforehand before high temperature work also has the effect of heatstroke prevention.

At the same time, it should be noted that the pharmaceutical ingredients contained in the ten drops of water have certain toxicity, and should not be taken more. Children, lactating women, elderly and infirm should be taken under the guidance of a physician, and pregnant women should be supplemented.

  Qingshu Yiqi Pills: phlegm and dampness, qi and fluid, it is easy to have gas consumption, heat, thirst, fatigue, sleepiness, not thinking about diet, heatstroke and qi deficiency.

This medicine is composed of American ginseng, Zhimu, and berberine. It is not only clear and dry, but also qi and fluid, especially suitable for the frail elderly.

Lotus root season, good health, can not be missed

Lotus root season, good health, can not be missed

Today we are undoubtedly a very seasony food: lotus root.

Some people say that “Hollywood is a treasure, and the autumn is the most tonic”, indicating that this is an excellent food for health care in this season. In this season, the lotus root tastes excellent and nutritious, and it is most suitable for autumn consumption.

Chinese medicine believes that the lotus roots are cold and cold, have the effect of clearing heat and quenching thirst, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. There is a classic formula called “five juices”, which is to use five kinds of heat-reducing fire, thirst, and clear lung and stomach.After taking the medicine and juicing, it can be suitable for patients with dry mouth, dry mouth, dry cough and sputum, upset insomnia, constipation, etc. due to autumn dryness, yin deficiency and internal heat.Several herbs are also available in Sydney, horseshoe, Rhizoma Imperatae, and Ophiopogon japonicus.

Of course, after the lotus root is cooked, its nature changes from cold to warm, and it has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach and nourishing the qi and blood. Any appearance of spleen and stomach deficiency or lack of blood and blood is pale and pale, or the face is sallow or female becauseGas does not take blood, resulting in excessive menstrual bleeding, you can use more edible lotus root, to nurse the spleen and stomach, nursed qi and blood.

There is a chastity in Chinese medicine. Many of us are used to eating sputum. In this medicine, it can help stop bleeding and promote blood circulation, especially for menstruation, without leaving blood.The role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is a very common drug for menstruation in women.

Although the lotus root is very good, there are still some taboos. Sometimes fresh lotus roots or juicing are used. Cold and cold are easy to damage the spleen and stomach. Therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach can not eat too much; while cooked lotus roots are relatively calm and warm.However, there are many starches rich in it. Some people are prone to bloating after eating lotus root. If people with poor spleen and stomach function, they should also reduce their consumption.

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Private things that must be done after the climax

Private things that must be done after the climax

There are all kinds of gameplay before the official battle. At best, it is just to help you float to the Nine Miles in the bed.

But what should I do after sex?

This is ignored by most people.

Here are four great squatting secrets, and you don’t have to hinder your personal experience – what can be different after the climax.


hzh {display: none; }  闺房密招一:感觉彼此呼吸   面对现实吧!Although the man will not confess to the ecstasy of flirting caressing, this does not mean that he does not like to lie comfortably on your side, and to stay with you all night.

  So, even if your man is doing something, he always has a desire to die, and the appearance of a weak, maintaining a certain degree of physical contact will actually continue his satisfaction.

  When he returns from the excitement of ejaculation orgasm, you can begin to plan your body by flirting and caressing: use your predecessor to close his back and let him go from hip to toe.It slightly causes you to exquisite curves; because you can also use your nails to gently slide back and forth between his wrist and elbow; or gently stroke his hair with his hand; you can also kiss his temples, palmsIt’s easy to ignore overlaps, as long as your movements are gentle and comfortable, and you don’t have to react to the other person to have a violent reaction.

  Extra points, even if he likes to embrace you after finishing the work, still have to pay attention to maintain a comfortable posture, don’t get rid of the numbness of both of them.

When you slowly cool down in the arms of the other person, whispering to him is so uncomfortable.

  闺房密招二: Open childhood childhood After the climax, sometimes you do not need to use any physical contact, that is, you can tie your heart tightly, because there is no expected mentality at this time, so chat in bedIt becomes the best way to increase mutual understanding and intimacy without stress.

  But this is not a serious time, or a good time to criticize the boyfriend’s bed time, and other more appropriate moments can solve the problem of discussing the relationship between the two.

Use this moment to create intimacy, not oppression.

  If you want to make the conversation between the two more teasing, try to do this: describe in detail the tricks that you haven’t tried with him, but can’t wait to play with him next time.

Maybe that “next time” will become an unforgettable experience for both of you!

  Do you have a hard time to add points?

Don’t be shy!

Tell him how tall you have been.

  闺房密招三: Play a little intimate gadgets, do you have a hundred times more spirit after making love?

If you have excess energy but don’t plan to play it again, it will not hinder a passionate game, but also bring the intimacy of the two to a higher level.

  You can play with him in the “Bubble Bath and Sexual Wars” so intensely resisting the feeling of making love for the second time.

If you don’t have ready-made soapy water on hand like most people, there are many other ways to vent your excess energy.

For example, add a layer of sandalwood oil to the bathtub, ask him to take a bath with you, or play a pillow, or put some music to dance naked.

  If it is not enough, go to the kitchen to play more lyrical: feed him a juicy and juicy strawberry, and look at his eyes with a deep affection, as long as the man will feel excited.

You can even improvise a “Love You for a Nine Weeks and a Half”: cover his eyes, tease his taste buds, and let him guess what you are feeding him.

  If you have to play some games, you will only feel excited. Try itching.

However, if your man is ashamed of itching, you better stop.

  闺房密招四: Keeping up and sometimes ending is just the beginning of another round.

Even the first round is great enough, and the second round can be equally interesting.

You may wish to present a different visual style to renovate the pattern: let him dance for a dance, let him watch you twist the side and put on a sexy lace bra, underwear, and provoke his desire to pull those things off you.

  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have these items. You can make it itch when you open the button jersey in front of a single piece.

If this trick does not work, let him marry your female ability, straight to his perineal point (the position of the perineum point in the center of the scrotum and anus).

Gently massage and caress this part of the inch to stimulate blood circulation, ensuring that he is a good man in an instant.

  The extra points are for the experts to solemnly say that you should not rush on when he is not ready yet, and the second round will be launched immediately.

Young people in their twenties usually have to rest for five to fifteen minutes before they can erect.

Let him add a fire, you sink, ready to meet more moves that make you ecstasy.

In the fall, in addition to the summer wetness, remember the four small coups, health, phlegm and blood!

In the fall, in addition to the summer wetness, remember the “four small coups”, health, phlegm and blood!

Chinese medicine believes that “summer wet autumn”.

When the summer arrives, the body will accumulate too much moisture. In the autumn, we must find ways to get rid of it. Otherwise, the body will not be better in a winter, and various diseases will come to the door.

Therefore, the most important task for us in the fall is to “dehumidify and detoxify”, and to completely eradicate moisture, the body can become healthier and healthier.

For many people, the understanding of moisture may not be very detailed. I don’t even know where the moisture is coming from. Let’s take a closer look today.

There are two main sources of summer wetness: First, the iced food that is eaten: no matter what the circumstances, the alternating hot and cold is very bad.

When we drink a lot of iced drinks and eat cold food, these will cause harm to our warm body, especially to the spleen and stomach.

Once the transport function of the spleen and stomach is destroyed, the water in the body cannot be normally metabolized, which will cause the moisture in the human body to increase.

Spicy, fat food: Some spicy foods and greasy meats can’t be eaten often.

Because excessive intake of these foods, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach disorders, moisture can not be normal metabolism, it will accumulate inside the body, long days and long, wet weight is difficult to avoid.

Second, the external environment and climate are warm and cold: The Qinling Huaihe River divides China into subtropical and temperate zones. Both of these climates have more summer rains, especially in the south and coastal areas.

Not only is the summer time shortened, but because the climate is hot, the surface water evaporates quickly, and the residual amount in the air is very rich, so the humidity will be heavier.

Seasonal changes: The temperature rises in the summer and the weather becomes hot, so we began to reduce clothes and put on short sleeves, shorts and skirts.

In winter, the temperature has dropped and the weather has cooled. We started to add clothes and put on sweaters, coats and thick cotton jackets.

Under the alternating heat and cold, our body may not be able to adapt to this change, and there is a situation of water and moisture accumulation, so the moisture is aggravated.

The body is really susceptible to the surrounding environment, so the symptoms associated with moisture often occur.

Heavy moisture, the most direct performance is: First, dry mouth, mouth bitter, bad breath, bad smell in the mouth.

Second, puffiness, a small belly, a few layers of swimming ring in the abdomen.

Third, the eyes are prone to soreness, fatigue, or a feeling of loss of vision.

Fourth, the recent poor appetite, easy to nausea, nausea, indigestion.

Fifth, the stool is dry or sticky, not formed, and the urine is red.

Six, skin acne, eczema, ulcer itching, repeated episodes of acute measles.

Seven, the teeth are yellow, no luster, and the gums are red and the lips are reddish.

Eight, often feel the body is hot, the skin is hot, especially the hands and feet are particularly fond of fever, sweating.

Nine, the body is groggy, feeling weak, drowsy, no spirit, dizzy.

Ten, the hair is greasy after 2 days without washing, there is dandruff, the complexion is yellow, dark, greasy and oily.

Eleven, often feel upset, sleep quality is not good, a little movement will wake up, or suddenly inexplicably suddenly wake up.

At the time of dehumidification, keep in mind the “four small coups”: the first measure, taking into account the amount of daily diet: daily diet should pay attention to moderation, do not overeating, eat only eight minutes to eat, in order to avoid indigestion.

Food processing: The food is selected to be the freshest, and the added food in the food farther from the table is less.

Also try to reduce the intake of processed foods, avoid greasy and thick taste, and keep less salt and more vinegar diet.

Types of food: Food must be kept in a variety of ways, mainly based on coarse grains and vegetables and fruits.

Especially to add the most fresh vegetables, some leeks, spinach, basil, leeks, Chinese cabbage, spinach, potatoes, hawthorn, pumpkin, bamboo shoots, etc.

The second measure, homemade spleen and damp tea daily drinking dampness tea – Wucao root Amomum tea, can not only penetrate the effect of dampness, but also spleen and stomach.

Herba Root Amomum Tea is a kind of dampness tea made from 20 kinds of ingredients such as medlar, Amomum, licorice, tangerine peel, medlar, musk, coix seed, winter melon, ginseng, red bean, alfalfa and bergamot.

When you are free, you can make it into a tea bag and take a bag every day. The effect of spleen and dampness is also very large.

The third measure, moderate perspiration to promote perspiration is very beneficial for dampness, but to ensure moderate, too much sweat is not conducive to dampness, because it may cause resonance disturbance, or a cold.

For moderate sweating, proper exercise is required. The best perspiration exercise is aerobic exercise.

For example, fast walking, jogging, yoga, tai chi, swimming, cycling and other sports can promote the smooth circulation of blood and blood, and also enhance the body’s water for reasonable metabolism.

People who like to be lazy, the body must have a lot of moisture, it is best to take the method of wicking and squeezing, and move it.The fourth measure, moxibustion, Hegu, moxibustion and dampness is a very effective method of dampness, which is simple and effective.

Therefore, in daily life, more moxibustion, wet and wet position – Hegu point, can achieve a good spleen and dampness effect.

Long-term adherence to this moxibustion method will greatly enhance the effect of phlegm.

Hegu acupoint selection method: the thumb of the first hand, the first joint horizontal stripes, facing the tiger’s mouth of the other hand, the thumb flexes and presses, and the fingertip is the Hegu point.

From Hegu 3?
5 cm, moxibustion, moxibustion to acupoints warm, slightly reddish, 10 times for a course of treatment.

Every time moxibustion 10?
15 minutes, once a day, can be completely good phlegm effect.

Moxibustion, kidney deficiency, low back pain, at that time, how to moxibustion these acupuncture points?

Moxibustion, kidney deficiency, low back pain, at that time, how to moxibustion these acupuncture points?

Symptoms of kidney deficiency and low back pain There are two kinds of kidney yang deficiency. The symptoms of low back pain are backache, cold in the limbs, chills, and even edema. The main symptoms of kidney yin are backache, dryness, night sweats, sweating, dizziness, and tinnitus.

If you have these symptoms, you can use moxibustion and kidney to treat.

Pick acupuncture points Shenshu, life door Taixi and Sanyinjiao each hole, daily moxibustion once, each hole for 20 minutes.

Why do you want to moxibustion these acupuncture points? Shenshu points, we first look at Shenshu, Yutong loses, Shenshu is acupuncture points injected directly by kidney gas, whether it is kidney yang deficiency or kidney yin deficiency, as long as it is a kidney problem,Can’t live without it.

It is an acupuncture point of yin and yang, and it can stimulate the vitality of the kidneys by moxibustion with Moxa.

So it is a key point for the treatment of low back pain.

Taixi Point Taixi is the original point of the kidney. The meaning of the original point has the origin and the meaning of the motive force. Therefore, the moxibustion Taixi point can fully regulate the vitality of the kidney.

Therefore, with Shenshu with Taixi, you can use the treatment of kidney deficiency and low back pain, in fact, kidney deficiency caused by various reasons, you can use these two points to treat.

If you are in the moxibustion of these two points, and then moxibustion Sanyinjiao, Mingmen points, it can be called the kidney deficiency type of low back pain moxibustion treatment model.

The place where the Taixi point is in the depression of the trailing edge of the foot, and where there is acid, swelling, and pain, is the point.

The life gate is the door of the human body, and all the energy of the human being is implanted into the yang of the kidney. The moxibustion hits the door, which is the boost for the extraterrestrial fire.

The life gate is in the middle of the waist where the navel is facing.

If the three acupuncture points of the Sanyinjiao point are focused on tonifying the kidney, then the Sanyinjiao will focus on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Everyone knows that Sanyinjiao is a common acupoint for treating dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and falling out of the collapse. Why Sanyinjiao can treat these diseases.

It is inseparable from its role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

And most of the low back pain.

There is congestion, so the pain is nowhere, the congestion stops at the waist, causing poor blood circulation at the waist.

Moxibustion Sanyinjiao.

It is possible to lead the good blood and smash the blood, and naturally it will not hurt.

Therefore, many people only know antler, cockroaches, and cordyceps water are big medicines for tonifying the kidneys. In fact, Taixi, Mingmen, Shenshu, etc. are the real medicines and the treasures of life.

Taking care of these acupuncture points, the symptoms of low back pain will be relieved.

The four fingers of the right hand are close together and placed flat on the inner foot. The joint at the middle joint of the index finger is the hole.

Love the Venice, slowly shake the romantic date in the paddle sound and shadow

Love the Venice, slowly shake the romantic date in the paddle sound and shadow

Recommended reason: enjoy the fascinating scenery of Venice + the tribute of Gondola, and experience the deep meaning of defending and guarding love with your lover.

  Best time: 6 per year?

  Warm reminder: When visiting St. Mark’s Church, you need to pay attention to the church’s rules for not wearing a sleeveless shirt and wearing shorts.

On the mask of the carnival, there are doubts on the masks of the weird smiley carnival, the strange smiles, the legendary middle-loving fairies, or the sorcerers who vent their private thoughts in the conspiracy, as well as the salvation heroes and petite little fairies.The image was painted by red, precipitated with purple, and then stunned by gold, and looked at the Hua Weili of Lace.

I recognized you at a glance, chasing the soft purple on the mask, and walking the color of your love.

  Venice is located in the easternmost part of Italy, bordering Eastern Europe, with beautiful coastline and charming ski slopes.

Venice is a city without buses, 117 islands, 150 canals are connected by 400 bridges, and there is a “Gondola” in the middle.

It is said that Gondola is strictly made, 11 meters long and nearly one and a half meters wide. It is made of slabs of black wood and seven times.

In the 5th century, the first generation of Venetians, in order to escape the invasion, relied on the ship and fled to the future surrounded by small islands and swamps, and built Venice with both hands.

Venice in September is the tourist season in Venice.

It should be because the climate was pleasant at the time, and the other was because there was the most grand Gondola festival of the year.

  Every year on the first Sunday of September, the antique Gondola ceremonial event – “Thunder Tower Storica”, this gorgeous festival of antiques on the Grand Canal, is vaguely aware of the former “AdriThe Queen of the Sea of Asia, the famous Venice, is the most Venetian day.

People expressed their gratitude to the Navy, Gondola and the boat, and the fear of it was concentrated in this festival.

People dressed in gorgeous costumes, boats imitating medieval decorations, music reverberating over the city, visitors can stand around the canal to watch this spectacular celebration, it is said that because of the former, the Ms Slavs robbed the bride at the collective weddingThe young man, who took the bride back and used it to get home with Gangola Lara.

Contains the deep meaning of defending and guarding love.

  The number of tourists in Venice has been greatly reduced, and the face of ordinary cities has been slightly restored.

Let’s visit the smoky St. Mark’s Square and have a cup of coffee at the Florian Cafe.

When the cold body slowly warmed up, it seems that it was once the entrepreneurship in 1702, suspiciously the regulars of the world’s oldest café, Goethe, Cassanogua Hugh, and the doubtsAt that time.

The leisurely and luxurious winter of Venice is also very attractive.

There are several islands in the annex to the romantic water city of Venice. You can go and see the life of people who live here because of the love of the city.

The houses on the island are simple in style, but the most roofs and interiors are like flying notes, and the wooden doors are bustling with funny dolls.

The island sells bright hand-made fabrics, and you can buy a dark green tablecloth with your loved ones, and spread the articles and warm grass.

Rest on top or on your back, or play like a child.

Nine eating habits of longevity

Nine eating habits of longevity

As long as the mine does not move to the following nine small eating habits, it can help people to delay their lives.

  Drinking two glasses of water before each meal before meals can reduce the sense of drought and food intake.

  Raw onions and cancer-proof onions are rich in flavonoids that protect the heart. Eating half a day or drinking the same amount of onion juice can increase the “good cholesterol” of heart patients by about 30%.

Sun Mengli, director of the Department of Nutrition, Peking University First Hospital, pointed out that onions are really good for high blood pressure, high blood fat and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, and they are eaten raw and have the best effect.

  Use cold water to boil black tea with the ratio of green vegetables or carrots. Black tea contains more antioxidants, which can effectively help you resist wrinkles and cancer.

According to the latest research in Japan, people who drink more than two cups of black tea a day are 30% less likely to be infected with the flu virus than those who don’t.

Tea with hot water will release more caffeine and tannin than cold water, causing headaches, insomnia and other symptoms, and using cold boiled tea instead of beneficial substances in the case of not being destroyed, slowlyDissolution.

  Eat high-fiber foods before going to bed to eat low-conversion residual snacks half an hour before going to bed. Some cereals help sleep.

  Some vegetarian dishes have to be “snapped” to eat more oil, but it is not good to eat at all.

Pumpkins and carrots are rich in β-carotene, so they should not be eaten too lightly. It is more beneficial to absorb nutrients with oil.

If the pumpkin is used to cook porridge, then when you eat other dishes, there is oil in the dish and let them meet in the stomach.

  When you eat cold vegetables in the cold sauce, it is best to put the prepared sauce in a small bowl and eat it with the chopped vegetables. Thus, the sauce you need is only 1/6 of the original.

  Cold water washing, hot water washing dishes Many people wash the meat, like to take hot water for a while.

As everyone knows, washing meat with warm water or hot water is not only easy to deteriorate, but also causes the meat to be disturbed, which will accelerate the loss of protein, amino acids and B vitamins in the meat.

It is better to use warm water when washing fruits and vegetables. Warm water is easier to remove pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables than cold water.

  Dark fruit anti-aging can not be determined when buying fruit, choose the dark one.

Light-colored fruits, dark fruits contain more antioxidants, vitamins, selenium, iron, calcium, zinc and other substances, with anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-aging and other effects.

  Dinner is better than late, the peak of human body calcium is 4 after meal?
5 hours, dinner is too late, affecting sleep, hoarding changes, and easily lead to urinary calculi.

The best time for dinner for the elderly is best at 6 or 7 pm, and should not eat or eat less nightingale.

Autumn leaves before going to bed

Autumn leaves before going to bed

As the saying goes: “Spring is sleepy and lacking in autumn”, autumn must ensure enough sleep, people can restore physical strength and enhance the body’s immunity.

The autumn climate is cool and the weather conditions for sleep are greatly improved, but if not properly observed, the quality of sleep will also be affected.

Fall sleep should pay attention to the following aspects.

  One should not sleep and eat.

Because eating before going to bed will increase the burden on the stomach and cause indigestion, which will affect sleep.

If you are too hungry before going to bed, you can eat a small amount and rest for a while before going to sleep.

  Second, avoid drinking tea.

The caffeine in tea can stimulate the central nervous system and cause excitement. Drinking strong tea before going to bed can make it difficult for people to sleep. At the same time, too much tea can cause frequent urination at night, which affects the quality of sleep.

  Three bogey is emotional before going to bed.

Emotional fluctuations before going to bed can cause blood and blood disorders, leading to insomnia, which will cause damage to the body.

Therefore, before going to bed, you are worried about worrying or emotional, especially if you are not motivated.

  Four avoid excessive entertainment before going to bed.

If you have excessive recreational activities before going to bed, especially long-term intense activities, the nerves of the people continue to be excited, making it difficult for people to fall asleep.

  Five bogey when talking too much.

Excessive speech when lying down is easy to hurt the lungs, it will also make people excited and affect sleep.

  Six bogey when you sleep.

When sleeping, people who are severely suffocated have difficulty breathing, and the body will be deprived of oxygen, which is extremely detrimental to health.

  Seven bogey when you sleep.

Sleeping and closing is the best way to maintain your vitality.

If you open your mouth and breathe, the cold air and dust that attracts people will hurt the lungs, and the stomach will catch cold.

  Eight bogey when blowing.

The human body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes during sleep is reduced, and it is vulnerable to wind and evil.

Therefore, keep warm when sleeping, and do not let the wind blow.