Yoga practice does not cause energy loss

Yoga practice does not cause energy loss

In fact, you gain energy by stimulating your brain to absorb more oxygen.

Western sports can potentially consume a lot of energy, especially physical exhaustion, especially when in poor health.

  Yoga is an extra balanced exercise system.

In this sense, weightlifting exercises only a certain muscle group, but yoga exercises all the major muscle groups at the same time, which can avoid joint and muscle fatigue that often occurs when lifting objects.

  Some people conflict that sports like jogging can breathe deeply, so there is no need to force a special breathing exercise.

But in fact, these Western movements only make us short of breath, which is a kind of rapid vibration that is broken and perforated, and the increased absorption of oxygen is consumed by the energy lost in military movement.

Therefore, Western sports cannot make people simply increase energy and oxygen.

In fact, you might lose everything.

This is why you get tired after exercising.

Military yoga, energy and oxygen absorption are considerable.

  One of the criticisms of bodybuilding experts about yoga is that yoga has not paid attention to the health care of the blood vessels.

In other words, yoga is not good for the heart and blood vessels.

This statement is completely wrong.

Ancient yoga practitioners designed this kind of excellent exercise with less effort to make people exercise the brain, spine, glands and other internal organs, while also straining the heart and blood vessels.

Yoga strengthens the function of the heart and blood vessels through the following two ways: First, during forced breathing exercises, each time you inhale, you push forward across, providing a gentle massage for the heart, tightening the internal blood vessels of the heart and increasing nutrition.

  Second, the inverted position helps the leg veins.

Due to the antigravity, the venous valve rests for a while, which can avoid the occurrence of venous tumors and correct the venous tumors that have already appeared.

  You may find yoga fun and fearful.

But remember, you have to do it to be effective.

Theories can only provide an understanding of the intention of implementation-the theory of air is not as good as implementation.

  Due to the depth and variety of yoga content, you can start at any stage and complete it at any level.

It helps you realize your physical, mental or spiritual full potential. Don’t forget that yoga is a wise investment in time.

After each month, if you practice half an hour of yoga a day, you can save half an hour of sleep time.

In other words, yoga will not consume you at all, but also provide you with vitality and rejuvenation effect.

  First, yoga is a natural practice system of body and mind culture, the purpose of which is to increase inverse vitality and create rejuvenating effects.

  Second, yoga is unparalleled in terms of self-improvement and development potential.

No other physical or mental exercise system brings more than yoga.

Yoga exercises both the body and the mind.

  Third, the philosophy of yoga states that all human beings are seeking happiness, but seeking short-lived entertainment through the sense palace is the wrong way to pursue happiness.

  Yoga believes that by developing advanced self through yoga practice, you will find deep and long-lasting happiness, and even more enjoy the fun outside.

The process of implementing the advanced self spans many lives, and the motivation at the initial stage is pain.

  Fourth, one of the main purposes of yoga is to increase the supply of “qi” in the body.

  Qi is an important basic energy of the universe.

The place where qi is most concentrated is air, so yogis are breathing very correctly and correctly, and devising special breathing methods to increase the amount of qi in the body.

  Fifth, the way yoga works is to dramatically improve the health of the brain, spine, glands, and internal organs, and then create a state of high vitality and rejuvenation.

  6. The benefits of yoga include: increased energy, youthful appearance and sensation, longevity, increased disease resistance, improved vision and hearing, deep sleep, weight loss, mental and emotional health, and sharper intuition.

  Seventh, yoga’s view of sexual behavior is modest, and believes that normal sexual function occurs only when the reproductive system is highly healthy.

Yoga asanas and breathing exercises work best.   Eight, the main principle of yoga nutrition is to eat less high-quality food.

Yoga practitioners recommend eating many fruits, vegetables, whole shells, and raw nuts. Because of their vitality, meat must be eaten less or not eaten at all; you can also eat fresh and raw foods and not eat too hot or cold.

Alcohol is considered to be detrimental to health and hinder yoga progress.

  Nine, yoga is more beneficial to the body than Western exercise, because yoga is aimed at the entire physiological system-especially the brain, spine and glands that are the center of physical vitality and rejuvenation.

Three disaster moments for single women

Three “disaster” moments for single women

A Single Girl Disaster Playback Disaster Case 1: Malnutrition Victim 25-year-old radio announcer I have lived with my father since my parents divorced.
They say that her daughter was a father’s lover in the past, and it really makes sense.
I depended on my father’s care for me, and I never thought I would have to live alone.
  In June 2006, his father died in a car accident while traveling abroad.
My life was in a state of chaos, and I didn’t know how to accept the fact that I was left alone in the room.
  I already had a boyfriend who had been with him for 3 years.
He is two months younger than me. We are like a pair of children who are always fighting for toys, but because of the death of his father, he has become a cohabiting man and woman.
  In just two months, he fled from my house in a hurry.
How can a 24-year-old man bear the responsibilities that a 46-year-old man can bear?
  All I know is that my loved ones have left me, and my loved ones have betrayed me.
  After finishing the last show every night at home, I will make a bowl of instant noodles as usual.
This is almost my ration for the day.
I also want to try to stew a pot of soup for myself, but I can’t walk to the supermarket. The place with bright lights and bubbly sounds has been my forbidden area since I fell in love.
  One day, I finally passed out during an broadcast.
  The doctor said that your blood sugar is too low for weight loss?
It’s too exaggerated.
  I only smiled bitterly.
  Disaster situation 2: Lack of safety. Victim Miao Miao. 29 Staff. After divorce, I moved to an old apartment in the old town.
Without an elevator, I dare not return home late, otherwise I can only use my cell phone as a flashlight to guide my way up.
One time when I was touching the door to open the door, I heard two dry coughs from the side, and my hair suddenly turned upside down. As a result, Aber next door dumped garbage.
  Sometimes after they entertained with customers, they would take me home actively. If someone who was too enthusiastic said that they would send me upstairs, they would scare me up and say okay, my husband waited for me.
  In fact, I also want to show my single status, but I am afraid that single women living alone will have more trouble than waiting.
  One weekend at home, the landlord called and said that he would rush to copy the electricity meter, so he was wearing pajamas and slippers and followed the instructions to copy the electricity meter outside the door.
Before I walked to the meter, I heard the door “mouth” behind me, and I said it was miserable.
  It’s half a kilometer from the residence to a vegetable market with locksmiths.
In my pajamas, my face turned red with the eyes of passersby, and I quickly took a locksmith home.
He wasn’t in a hurry. He rushed to me for a long time and asked, “Do you live alone?”
I said, my husband is on a business trip.
  He stared at my lock again for a long time and said that it was troublesome.
I’m anxious, what should I do?
  He said, you get 50.
As soon as I promised to come down, he pulled out a small piece of plastic on the other side and inserted it into my door. It clicked and opened.
  I went into the house to get the money, but he even followed and looked at him.
I struck out money for him and sent him out.
For several nights after that, I locked the door and pushed on the bench, but I still didn’t fall asleep.
  Disaster situation three: Isolation and helplessness. The victim’s 28-year-old planning manager. Being single requires a certain sense of security.
For girls, a shelter from the wind and rain is not necessarily worse than a man.
But when I paid the down payment with confidence, I found sadly that I had no money for the decoration.  For the first time in my life, I borrowed money from people.

I dare not go back and tell my parents that they will feel that you are really so miserable without your boyfriend, and then both of you will fall in love with you.

I dare not borrow from men for fear of robbery.

The girlfriends are either poorer than me, or they are married to other women, and everything is not up to the shot.

  After all it took to get enough money, the decoration war for one person began.

On a hot day, I was carrying a pack of hardware to squeeze the bus.

At that time, I suddenly remembered my last boyfriend. If he was still alive, using his Geely car was really good.

  The contractor introduced by my friend is not reliable. Seeing that my girl has no sympathy for the decoration, I still have to increase the price midway.

Who told me that I hadn’t drafted a decoration contract with him before?

  Later, the contractor simply played tricks with me. Not only did some basic items become price increases, but even the security deposit that should be paid for a month to live must be immediately available.

They also made a noise with the police station.

What a shame you say a girl.

  So quickly get the money, it seems that I really lied to his account.

  People finally moved into a new house, but at that moment, the determination to be single suddenly shook.

It’s better to find a boyfriend to buy a house by yourself.

  Single female survival investigation shot 1 Helpless 22: I remember that I was sick once, went to the hospital for a needle, went to the bathroom halfway, and took a bottle in one hand and a bottle in the other. As a result, the blood returned a little.”I was still struggling. When I heard this, tears almost seized the rope and came out . Shot 2 Fear Straw: Once at night, walking on the road without street lights, a man suddenly came out behind him, and he was also walking alongI tried to find out if there was a family member to pick me up . I hurriedly shouted “husband, mom” in front of me, and then started running.

Running all the way home, when I was lying in bed, I was afraid, and tears began to flow.

  Lens 3 Lonely JANCH: On weekends, I often have to sleep on the cat alone.

No one can text or chat for a long night.

The hardest part is the holidays. When staying at home, parents will worry. If they don’t go home, they will feel worse.

  Camera 4 Danger Hang Hang: A person spends less time cooking, so he is completely inexperienced in cooking.

On a weekend without a date, I bought some spare ribs and prepared a pot of tomato spare rib soup to comfort myself.

After simmering, I ran to the study room and played games. When I smelled something wrong, I ran to the kitchen, and as soon as I removed the lid, I was burnt to the ground.

The fragments splashed and scratched my feet.

Later, my mother said that if the soup overflows and drenches the fire, depending on how miserable you are, you will scare me and never dare to cook alone.

  Lens 5 Accidental Rose: For 3 years of being single, I had a hangover and I had been ambivalent about the one-night stand.

Unfortunately, I won the prize.

When I called the man, I just wanted him to accompany me to the doctor, lest a single woman would be too awkward.

I never thought he thought I was blackmailing him and would never answer the phone again.

Lying alone in the cold ward, I really want to cry without tears.

  Lens 6 Tragic Little Blue: In the memory of singles, the worst is moving.

For example, I just found a new residence and packed up my two big pockets, which weighed more than 80 pounds.

After finally dragging downstairs, I wanted to take a taxi, but I found that the Amway company had a lot of antique running activities that day, the road was completely blocked, and there was no bicycle.

There are 6 stops to my new residence. I sighed while dragging my baggage and staggering forward, sighing at my miserable situation.

  Shot 7 was pitiful: a year ago, I broke up with him.

The two quarreled together and I wanted to be free.

The way he was waiting for you to die at the time made me feel a little soft, thinking that after this period of mental weakness, he might accept him again.

Unexpectedly, 7 months later, I accepted his wedding invitation.

At that time, I even found a friend of the opposite sex who could take me to a wedding banquet.

Watching the man who was given up at the wedding smiled so happily, he suddenly felt pitiful, shot 8 Desolate Xiaoxi: Spring Festival from Kunming back to Chongqing.In just a few days, I was eating hot meals and hot dishes made by my mother, but my tears couldn’t help falling.

When I lived in Kunming, I wanted to cook a meal for myself, but I didn’t even want to join the crowd.

On the weekend, I walked through all the nearby attractions alone, but I was boring, just to pass the time.

As soon as I got back to Kunming, when I entered my darkly aligned cabin, I realized that the days of being single were so bleak.

  Shot 9 Awkward Yin Yin: When I was in school, many boys chased me.

After many years, we had a class reunion together, and we brought relatives and friends to dinner.

Those male classmates who did not succeed in the past looked at me in a shadow, and most of them asked with bad intentions, why, so picky, don’t miss the great time.

And those female classmates, the expression is the pleasure after revenge.

I was always proud. I was really like a clown then, surrounded by people.

  The single-woman survival reminder to find a man who can change the light bulb saw a photo interview about single women’s concept of courtship that day, and the girl was talking about the boy he wanted to find.

But there was only one that impressed me. She said she wanted to find a man who would change the light bulb.

  If you think about it, changing the light bulb seems like a small gesture, but it includes three things that girls are usually afraid of: fear of heights, electricity, and repairs.

No matter how tough a modern girl is in the workplace, some things are born from birth.

Like strength.

  Maybe in the men you know, you can’t find anything that can be connected with love or even marriage, but at least they will definitely have the power you have.

  Or, you have more wisdom than power, but you often lose the opportunity for men to serve you.

Maybe in your eyes, your ability or strength becomes an obstacle for them to pursue you.

  There is a girlfriend with a thick voice and a strong body, which is not what we mean in the traditional sense, but you will always unintentionally find her feminine.

She said, I was so stupid that I often lost myself.

Then call her boyfriend to rescue her.

Don’t talk about men, even as a woman, I also feel her cute.

  Why do some women always receive the attention and welcome of men?

Not because they are beautiful, not because they are competent, or because they can arouse the love and attention of men in a timely manner.

Love starts from the internet

Love starts from the internet

Days are hurried forward, not in the slightest for those who miss it, and no longer attached to the glorious days of the past.

“Zi on the river said: The deceased is like a husband”, one day, two days; January, two months; one year, two years.

In a panic, it was another fall, and another group of birds quietly crossed the sky. Occasionally, a few feathers flew from the sky . I sigh, sigh life is short, sigh Shaohua is easy to die, and sigh everythingHurrying and scattered like clouds.

Even the love in that dream is slowly changing from red to green, from bright to dark, and slowly, slowly losing its own temperature and luster.

So, I was a little scared, a little lost, and at a loss, and I started to get lost . In a blink of an eye, I entered the autumn of 2004, the season that made me sleepy.

In the autumn of the north this year, the sky is still a touch of blue, a pleasing scene of plentiful harvest and love, except that from time to time, there will be a few raindrops, and there will be a cold wind, wind and rain, and some hit people.

For a time, people were armed all over, and wrapped in stringency.

And after the storm, people hurriedly replaced all the heavy to ease.


Qiufengqiuyuqiusha people!

I smiled bitterly: It turned out that the weather didn’t make fun of people, not to mention the new era of human beings with a lot of changes, emotions, and brains.

  Holding the tired body, carrying simple baggage again, returned to the familiar city and the almost tired school.

Finally, there is still a final year to say goodbye to all the sad surroundings and enough lives.

“Where will I leave after leaving this place?” I often think about this simple and complicated question, the closer I am to graduation, the more I think about it.

My torture was almost crazy, almost demented, I was stupid, I was timid.

Who can really help me at this time?

I do n’t have a close friend around me. Maybe only you can break me out of the middle layer at the moment, give me happiness, and give me comfort.

  The scenes of the past reappeared in my mind, everything was only yesterday, and it was as real as the dream.

That night, we were facing Xiaoxiao Qiuyu, and Xiao Xiaoqiufeng quietly walked in the season full of harvest and loss.

A friend said such a sentence: “Although the snowflakes fall from the same sky, they fall to the ground in order to find different targets. No two snowflakes will really condense together.

The so-called fate is just their encounter in the air.

“That night we talked a lot, the most beautiful and most memorable of this life was this night-facing the computer, silently expressing emotions.

I began to indulge in your fascination, missing the whispers and laughter that made your tender fracture make me sweet.

If I don’t meet you in a few days, I will care about you in my dreams, miss you and hug you.

I know, I have fallen in love with you deeply, and the girl who makes me happy and worry me.

  The beauty of autumn is that it has a blurred sadness, a quiet loneliness, and a moving joy.

At the beginning of sadness, in the loneliness, after the joy, everything has replaced your shadow, in the dream, in the heart, on that unforgettable autumn night.

In order to find a lost and happy mood, I stood in the misty autumn wind, knowing that you could not return as scheduled, and I was still craving for a sorrowful and sad story to continue, the rain was wetMy clothes got wet with my hair.

  On the Internet, your ghost calls me “big stupid donkey”. In the letter, you call me “darling” intimately. On the phone, you call me “old ghost” funny and witty . no matter what you callI accept it with joy, because this title is full of a beautiful feeling that can never be heard.

In the same way, I also give you back with my most affectionate title.

“Wife” cried every day, how many times you touched almost tears, and then you always expressed gratitude to me, the rest nothing.

  The e-card was filled with the e-mails I applied for you, and the net name was changed to “I love Cher”. Even so, you still smiled and echoed “Thank you”.

Such a title persisted for a year without reservation. During this year, I believe we are all happy.

Until one time, an email broke my beautiful dream.

It turned out that you have always had a boyfriend, but why have you kept concealing and not telling me for so many consecutive times, even if you carry him and me “Qing Qing Me I”, why is that?

Why is it so cruel to deceive a boy who likes you, don’t you know that the boy’s heart is sometimes fragile?

  That is, since then, I confessed my sincerity to you, and from then on, my title to you has changed since then. I call your name very seriously. There are no more words in my heart that are numb.It started to make me feel sick, but I didn’t want to deceive myself anymore.

I no longer like the fantasy romance, I learn to fall in love with that reality forever.For the first time, a girl was completely deceived emotionally. Although you said that you were not sincere, everything was too late. Who told me to fall in love with you early?

At that time, the mood was extremely low, and the silent heart lake no longer had the depth and tranquility, everything had become a bubble.

  Maybe I am passionate about myself, but I ca n’t forget the little things that I once had with you. Maybe I am so stupid that I believe in fate too much, and believe that we were born in the same month, belong to the same constellation, and have the same sexualitySame dreams, meet people in the same season.

But I was wrong, so wronged, I started to believe in love no longer.

  Autumn wind and autumn rain to resolve feelings.

After that, I gradually started to wake up from intoxication, and time was slowly diluting everything.

You tell me, “Are we good friends?

“What more can I expect?

Although you are unwilling, you tell me how much you love him, but what I want to ask is, does he love you as much as you do?

Many times you have always been reluctant to say the answer.

As a good friend, I have been worried for you, afraid that he will do something to sorry for you, what should you do?

I know that you once had a relationship crisis and almost broke up. You also cried on the Internet and let me find a way for you. Later, I don’t know what the reason is, you are miraculously reconciled.

Although you didn’t tell me why, I really worry about you, just as a friend, as a confidant.

  Many times, you told me from your heart: “Having a confidant like you is my greatest happiness in this life!

“I should have been very happy and happy to hear this, but this time I was really not happy at all.

Every time I see your letter, there is always a faint pain in my heart.

It is not my cowardice to give you up, and even now I clearly realize that loving someone is to make her happy forever without having to take her for granted.

  You are happy now, and I am happy because of you.

In my reply to you, I often add the following sentence to the end of the letter: You are happy so I am happy.

In fact, I was comforting myself. Since I met with you, I have changed a lot. The silly and cute little boy who used to be gone is long gone.

For two years, our relationship as a good friend has maintained this relationship to the present, and the communication between heart and heart has not been interrupted, although we have not become lovers.

  The other day, you called and asked me to meet. I rejected you because I was busy.

Actually, there are only two lessons in a day. I don’t know how to spend the rest of the time.

I said that I would definitely see you there if I had the chance, because my mood is not very calm now, I will see you when I feel cheerful.

At that time, you must take me to climb Mount Tai. This is what you promised me, and you have to treat.

  There are so many stories going on in the fall, just because in the fall we quietly stunned . Relentlessness is not like passionate suffering.

When the ends of the earth are infinite, only Acacia is endless.

Six elements of network intelligence success

Six elements of network intelligence success

First, please provide photos; we usually look at the photos before opening personal details.

  Second, don’t tell us about your relationship history; we are not at all interested in your ex-girlfriend or the passionate girl you met in Miami Beach.

  Third, appropriately compliment and praise our special charm; of course, not compliment our breasts; even tell me that you like the way I read The Economist, you like my happy smile and so on.

  Fourth, pay attention to their own words; no woman is willing to date a man with a lot of misspellings, and a man who is unwilling to check for a hyphen must be a lazy man.

  Fifth, abstain from using pornographic articles to seduce us; although we are not taboo, subtle deepening of the relationship is the key, and the abrupt approach will only be counterproductive.

Keep two words in mind: please, seduce.

  Six, interest, patience; to ask why we do not reply will only increase our resentment against you, if we are interested in you, we will naturally know you.

There are also many health guards

There are also many health guards

Anyone who is losing weight or wants to lose weight will feel very angry when she hears her aunt, because it is what caused her to lose her beautiful figure and leave annoying extra meat.

But are all aunts really bad for you?

Actually not.

Let ‘s take a look at the uncle ‘s family with you, and see who is the dangerous member of the uncle ‘s family and who is the savior in the family.


Dangerous molecule-saturated fatty acid It will increase blood plasma, blood vessels in blood plasma, and easily cause high blood pressure and hypertension.

Meat is the main source of this “bad aunt”.

It was originally hidden in three vegetable oils: coconut oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil.

Unfortunately, these are among the most commonly used fats in food processing.

Some non-dairy products, like desserts, biscuits, cocoa butter in chocolate, etc. are their best coats.

These small corrupt molecules can speed up the production of plasma in the human body, just after eating a lot of fat.


Terrorist-Trans Fatty Acids Trans fatty acids are also called aunt hydrogenated or aunt turned.

It does not exist in natural plants and animals, but is made by us humans.

It is formed during the hydrogenation of liquid vegetable oils.

Liquid vegetable oils pose many problems for food producers.

For example, corn oil and soybean oil cannot be applied to bread, and some of them are bad.

At the same time, they will be oxidized by light, air and temperature and cannot be stored for a long time.

Yes, hydrogenation is the solution.

Because the vegetable oil is hydrogenated, it is not easy to spoil, and it will not spoil when stored on the shelf for a few months. It is also easier to make pastry when it is made; and it is also delicious.

Therefore, the hydrogenated vegetable oil is also called shortening, which is widely used in convenience foods, fast foods and pastries.

  Trans fatty acids will increase your LDL LDL (bad).

It is about to reduce the HDL high density lipoprotein (good) content, pushing both types of blood lipids in the wrong direction.

To make matters worse, they will replace part of the essential fatty acids in the cell membrane, hinder the metabolism and make you obese.

In addition, trans finance is linked to hypertension, diabetes, cancer, obesity and immune disorders.

The latest research shows that it will even increase the incidence of breast cancer, suggesting that women eat less of these snacks.


Health Killer-Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid This is currently the most dangerous fatty acid.

Saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, although dangerous, have attracted attention after all.

But omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (also known as linoleic acid) are still widely advertised by some as good aunts today.

In particular, some vegetable oil manufacturers, in order to promote soybean oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil, which can bring them benefits, are even more publicized “linoleic acid is good for health”.

  Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (also known as linoleic acid) and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (also known as linolenic acid), both of which cannot be synthesized in the human body and must be supplemented from external foods, so they are also calledIs an essential fatty acid.

  Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids are not nothing.

The human body cannot lack linoleic acid.

It plays an important role in maintaining the structure and function of cell and subcellular membranes.

Lack of linoleic acid in children will lead to developmental delay and eczema dermatitis, etc., lack of linoleic acid in adults will cause phosphorous dandruff, hair loss and difficult wound healing, cardiovascular disease, behavioral disorders and arthritis.

But the point is that the content of linoleic acid in nature and the human food chain is too rich.

The entire syndrome of linoleic acid deficiency has not been found in the human body, but instead the symptoms of substitution overdose have generally occurred.Excessive intake of linoleic acid is directly related to the incidence of our persistent cancer, depression, obesity, insulin resistance, allergies, autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

  Previous oils of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids were: soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, and sunflower oil.


Good Aunt-Monounsaturated fatty acids (also known as oleic acid). They are olive oil, canola oil, camellia oil, walnut oil, big almonds and more.

  We can use these oils as foundry oils.

Scientists have discovered that monounsaturated fatty acids not only reduce the content of “bad cholesterol”, but also significantly increase the content of “good plasma”, thereby preventing cholesterol deposition and reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

And there are no other detrimental effects.


The “savior” of my uncle ——Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (also known as α-linolenic acid) The effects of ω-3 unsaturated fatty acids (α-linolenic acid) on human health: The lipid-lowering effect of α-linolenic acid is significantHowever, its lipid-lowering pathway through prostaglandins is unmatched by any other lipid-lowering drug.

It has a full range of lipid-lowering effects, antithrombotic effects, blood lipid regulation effects, antiarrhythmic and ventricular fibrillation effects, and antistatic effects.

Alpha-linolenic acid metabolites can dilate blood vessels, enhance blood vessel elasticity, and thereby reduce blood pressure.

Studies have found that alpha-linolenic acid has a strong anti-cancer effect.

Can greatly reduce the growth rate of cancer cells; Can inhibit colon cancer, prostate cancer, prostate cancer, central nervous system tumor microangiogenesis; Can promote the natural death of tumors; Can enhance the efficacy of chemoradiotherapy; and can greatly reduceToxicity; can improve the cachexia of tumor patients, reduce weight loss, and increase protein synthesis in the body.

Alpha-linolenic acid makes it difficult for vitamins to penetrate the basement membrane around blood vessels and organs, thereby reducing the rate of transmission.

Alpha-linolenic acid can increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin and protect our metabolic diseases such as diabetes and diabetes.

Alpha-linolenic acid can subdue an overactive immune system, suppress allergic reactions, and prevent the occurrence of inflammatory diseases.

In addition to reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and certain cancers, alpha-linolenic acid also improves bone growth.

Alpha-linolenic acid can prolong life.

Alpha-linolenic acid protects vision.

The retina is especially rich in extracellular DHA. If it is lacking, vision will decrease and the retina reflex recovery time will be prolonged.

DHA, a metabolite of α-linolenic acid, can improve and protect vision.

Alpha-linolenic acid improves human mood.

Its metabolite DHA can significantly relieve depression, ADHD in children, and schizophrenia.

Alpha-linolenic acid is the best choice for weight loss.

It suppresses appetite and prevents unfortunate accumulation in the body.

Keep food in the stomach longer than non-fat or low-fat foods.

Facilitates the secretion of a hormone called enteropeptide, which sends a signal to the brain to stop eating.

Of all the nutrients that humans can eat, alpha-linolenic acid in flaxseed oil can best prevent the feeling of drought and make people feel full.

It does not accumulate in the body in the form of an aunt.

  There is an urgent need to improve the serious imbalance in the ratio of linoleic acid to α-zenic acid in the body. Because of the omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid) and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (α-cornic acid), a competition for an enzyme conversion in the bodyDerived, excessive intake of one fatty acid reduces the conversion of another fatty acid.

So scientists from all over the world point out that the balance between the two is crucial.

The World Health Organization proposed that the ratio of ω-6: ω-3 should be less than 6: 1, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare proposed that the ratio should be less than 4: 1, and the Chinese Nutrition Society proposed in 2001 that it should be 4-6: 1. Some scientists suggested the best ratioIt should be 1-3: 1.

However, due to the rapid improvement of living standards and the increase in fat intake, the proportion of people’s essential fatty acid intake in real life has reached as high as 20-30: 1, that is, linoleic acid is seriously exceeded, corn acid is seriously insufficient, and the proportion is seriously imbalanced.

This is the beginning of an improvement in living standards and an increase in the incidence of various chronic diseases.

  Lack of alpha-linolenic acid in the body causes cell membrane failure. Every cell has a wall-the cell membrane-its function is to prevent toxins, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances from entering the cell, and to allow the various parts of the cell to requireNutrition enters the cell.

A malfunctioning cell membrane loses its ability to resist bacteria, viruses, toxins and other harmful substances from entering the cell and destroying it.

Aunt and oil are the main materials used to make these cell membranes.

If you eat good stool and oil, your cell membranes are functioning normally.

If bad fat is consumed.

Your cell membrane is not functioning properly. At this time, any disease we can imagine can happen.
Many of the causes of illness are caused by structural defects in the cell membrane caused by improper diet.
  When alpha-linolenic acid is deficient, the body uses a saturated, trans, or hydrogenated body to make cell membranes.

The shapes of trans-rare earths and hydrogenated rare earths are not able to build intact cell membranes.

The cell membranes created with them are broken and fragile.

If many cells above and below your body are breakthrough and fragile, various diseases will come.

  A diet that is too saturated with fat can cause rigid cell membranes and lack the necessary elasticity.

It hardens blood vessels, easily ruptures, and easily tears muscles and tendons.

Cell membranes made of hydrogenated oil prevent oxygen from entering the cells, while hypoxic cells cause cancer.

This leads to “modern civilization diseases” such as high blood pressure, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

Rice cake, Chinese style small pastry, steamed to eat healthier

Rice cake, Chinese style small pastry, steamed to eat healthier

Eat the cake made in the oven to try the steamed rice cake. It tastes soft and soft, sweet but not greasy and flexible. The most important thing is that it is steamed and steamed. The cranberry rice cake ingredients:Rice 200g, milk 180g, dry yeast powder 3g, sugar 20g, cooked black sesame 2g, dried cranberries.

 Practice: 1. Prepare the ingredients, pour the rice into the mixing cup and stir the cup until the rice is completely turned into rice noodles and pour out the sieve; 2. Pour the dry yeast powder into the milk and mix well.

3, pour into the rice noodles, add white sugar, stir evenly; 4, pour into the silicone mold, the surface is sprinkled with appropriate amount of black sesame seeds, put a cranberry in the middle to carry out fermentation; 5, ferment to 2 times largePut it in the steamer for 20 minutes, then turn off the heat for 3-5 minutes; 6, the finished product, a scent of rice scented, fragrant and delicious!


The silicone mold is easy to demould. If it is other molds, first apply a layer of oil to the inner wall and bottom, then pour the rice paste, otherwise it will not release the mold after steaming;

If it is for younger babies to eat, you can not put sugar, milk into formula milk, sesame and cranberry dry view of the child’s acceptance level, 3.

After the rice is whipped, the extra granules continue to be added to the broken machine to make powder, and the operation is repeated once.

Millet cake ingredients: 2 eggs, 30g of millet powder, 10g of milk powder, 25g of white sugar, 20g of water, 15g of corn oil.

Practice: 1, egg protein and egg yolk separation, into a clean and oil-free container.

2, add oil and water to the egg yolk, stir evenly, and sieve into millet powder and milk powder.

3, the protein is sent to the coarse bubble with a whisk, add a few drops of lemon juice, and then add white sugar to continue to send.

Send it to a small pointed corner after lifting the eggbeater.

4, how much protein is taken into the egg yolk paste and gently mixed with a spatula.

Mix and mix until it is blended.

Pour the egg yolk paste back into the protein.

5, apply a proper amount of oil to the mold, carefully pour the egg paste into the mold, and then shake it.

6. Add steam to the steamer for about 25 minutes, turn off the heat and turn it on for 3 minutes.

Millet powder saves the process of mixing rice and stirring.

Sometimes the stirred millet paste is not delicate enough to affect the taste.

So you can choose to make rice cake directly with millet flour.

Why do children become strange children?

Why do children become strange children?

Among severe psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia has the highest complication.

The most common mental illness is between the ages of 15 and 25 years.

However, there are also a small number of patients who develop the disease earlier and develop it in childhood, which is called childhood schizophrenia.

Because of its latent onset, it is often considered by parents and teachers as a child’s “temporary change”, or it is mistaken for a child’s “character” problem and misses the timing of treatment.

  The onset of childhood schizophrenia is generally slow and latent, and only older children have acute or subacute onset.

At the beginning, children who have always been clever and lovable will gradually become estranged from one another, causing affection to their loved ones, being lonely, out of touch, being quiet, living lazily, paying attention to distraction, and falling academic performance.

In other words, a good child, a good child, and a motivated child have become a “lazy child” and a “blame child.”

Some contradictory children with schizophrenia can be mischievous, misbehaving, undisciplined, and mistaken for “stubborn children.”

Other sick children will appear emotionally nervous, fearful, or do strange behaviors for no reason, adding a bit of “strangeness” to them.

  Because children’s brain development is not yet mature, and their knowledge and social experience are insufficient, their clinical manifestations are simpler than adults, such as monotonic, repetitive, and unorganized in language.

Some sick children are more likely to ask strange questions, and the older ones may have delusions or even delusions.

But these delusions are not systematic, and they are often just top thoughts, such as thinking that the mother is fake, and having “bad people” to frame him.

  Half of the children have hallucinations, and more are hallucinations and hallucinations.

Too many children with schizophrenia have impulsive behavior, destroy things or hurt themselves and others.

At the same time, they may do weird and incomprehensible moves.

  In general, the prognosis of childhood schizophrenia is poor, and the earlier the age of onset, the worse the prognosis.

However, if the treatment is normal and appropriate, there are still too many children who may get different degrees of improvement, and the earlier the treatment, the better the effect.

In treatment, antipsychotic drugs are mainly used.

However, when using it, the dosage should be adjusted according to the child’s age, physical condition, and individual differences.

In addition to medication, children with schizophrenia also need to make arrangements for cultural knowledge and cultural and sports activities.

As long as the condition allows, you can continue to study in the original school.

  It should be reminded that children who are lonely, unkind, emotionally indifferent, and even unable to build relationships with their loved ones, as well as mental retardation, simple speech, rigid behavior, and even some children with bizarre behavior may not be full of schizophrenia, Children with autism can also have this manifestation.

In terms of treatment, free radicals are different from schizophrenia. They are mainly targeted care training, supplemented by small doses of drugs.

Yuanyang: Yoga Mat (07 Pink Flower 6MM)

Yuanyang: Yoga Mat (07 Pink Flower 6MM)

Product description: Market price: ¥ 178.

00 Origin: Guangzhou Brand: Yuanyang Yoga Specifications: Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Height: 6mm Weight: 1500g Product Color: Pink Flower Product Material: PVC Foam (PVC content up to 96%) Material Introduction: PVC is a chemical raw materialThe name is a raw material.

However, PVC was not sufficiently soft and slippery before foaming, and had a cushioning effect. Only after it was foamed could finished products such as yoga mats and non-slip mats be produced.

  Product introduction: Yuanyang Advanced Yoga Mat has passed the “China National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Qualification Report”, and its quality is non-toxic and odorless and meets EU inspection standards.

Double-sided embossed non-slip, soft and flexible texture, can reduce the pain of body contact with the ground, good anti-slip effect, and strong anti-tension.

Effectively block the cold on the ground, strong grip, and tile.

Light weight, small size, easy to carry.

It can be used for various yoga ground exercises on the mat, and can also be used for various outdoor fitness exercises.

Avoid pain and black marks on various parts of the body during exercise.

The super elastic function will minimize the accidental injuries during sports.

  Instructions for use: Yoga mats are an aid when doing yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground and do yoga exercises on it to prevent injuries to the spine, feet, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

After doing the exercises, you can roll up the yoga mat, lock it with a hair button, put it in a backpack, and keep it hygienic.

  Special instructions: When the yoga mat leaves the factory, it is rolled into a roll. It is packed with a film shrink wrap. It is sealed. It will have a slight odor of raw materials after opening. Therefore, it is best to wipe the surface of the yoga mat with a soft wet cloth before use.Use after drying.

Jade Bird Yoga Mat Outfit (Pink Lotus)

Jade Bird Yoga Mat Outfit (Pink Lotus)

Market price: ¥ 138.

00 Brand Name: Beijing Bluebird Specifications: Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Thickness: 6mm Origin: Beijing Color: Pink Indian Lotus Material: PVC foam, PVC 93%, plasticizer 7%, middle layer of yoga mat has latitude and longitude distributionTear layer.

  Material introduction: non-toxic, non-chloride; foam is closed air bubbles; soft, good elasticity; strong grip, tile application; good anti-slip effect, high resilience, waterproof, cold resistance; recyclable and remanufacturableNatural oxidation cracking characteristics.

  Instructions for use: 1. Yoga mats are auxiliary supplies for doing yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground and do yoga exercises on it to prevent injuries to the spine, feet, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

After doing the exercises, you can roll up the yoga mat, lock it with a hair button, put it in a backpack, and keep it hygienic.

  2. The ground should be flat and clean to avoid friction with sharp and hard objects, so as not to scratch the surface of the mat; 3. Please use a soft fabric dipped in some detergent to clean.

Many benefits of massage massage these matters need attention

Many benefits of massage massage these matters need attention

Massage is a very good way to prevent and cure diseases. If you often do massage to your body, it will relax your body, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, and make the meridians more open.

So can anyone do a massage?

Here we come to understand: the benefits of massage massage to promote blood circulation and pain, and clear the meridians.

We often say that it doesn’t make sense to hurt.

When our qi and blood are not running smoothly and the meridians are obstructed, there will be swelling or pain in parts of the body?

At this time, massage and massage can be used to make qi and blood run normally, improve blood circulation of the body, unblock meridians, and reduce body pain.

If it is a traumatic disease caused by trauma, the fluid can correct the anatomical position by orthopedic methods.

  Adjust function to reconcile Yin and Yang.

The body surface points are the same as our internal organs.

Therefore, we can use massage to stimulate acupoints on the surface of the body, which can achieve the effect of conditioning viscera and organs and keeping the balance of yin and yang?

If we stimulate the area of our feet that corresponds to the internal organs or the areas that are reflected by various glands, we can improve the functions of the various internal organs and the secretion of the glands. The functions of our internal organs will have corresponding points on our feet.

Therefore, by stimulating the pituitary reflex area of the foot, we can improve the pituitary’s ability and keep us healthy.

You can also adjust the secretion disorders that occur during menopause.

  Eliminate fatigue and relieve stress.

Now more and more young people are already in a state of sub-health, easily feeling tired, feeling common, and lacking energy throughout their bodies.

Groups of people can also perform massage massage.

Eliminate physical and mental fatigue by stimulating some points in the body?

For example, if you overuse your eyes and feel your eyesight become tired, you can do some health massage by yourself, which can improve the sense of visual fatigue and improve your work efficiency.

  Improper massage massage affects many important organs of healthy people, such as the heart, liver, eyes, kidneys, etc., which have corresponding reflection areas on the feet.

It is precisely because the reflective area on the sole of the foot corresponds to some important organs, so an experienced massage therapist can observe and touch these areas to grasp whether these organs have recently been properly. During the massage process, they will consciously pass the correctImproved massage techniques.

Conversely, if the strength is not properly grasped during massage, it may also affect the health of the corresponding organs.

  Some precautions for massage should be consistent with the direction of the muscles: along the muscle growth direction, slowly and patiently, rhythmically, wrinkles and muscles are at right angles, and hands and wrinkles move at right angles, that is, along the muscleThe trend.

If the wrinkles are horizontal, massage them vertically; if the wrinkles are preliminary, massage them horizontally.

  Fingers used for massage: Gently draw a circle on the skin with the middle finger and ring finger during massage, so light that it can no longer be touched. Finger movement should be rhythmic. Avoid excessive rubbing of the epidermis.

  Massage time should not be too long, generally controlled about 5 minutes.

Massage works best when pores are open, so it is best to massage after bathing or cleansing.

In addition, you can get the same effect with a hot towel.

  Although push and massage rehabilitation is safe, comfortable, and easy to be accepted, if you do not pay attention to the methods and parts of the massage, it will also make the patient suffer some difficulties or cause difficulties in operation.When massaging, it is best to choose a simple muscle relaxation massage method, which is not easy to cause serious injury.