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Because the mountain will start the next day,So Wang Youcai and Tianwa have to rush back to the city。Of course Wu Wu immediately went to do some of the things Wang Youcai confessed to him,So they broke up on the side of the road。

Just sitting in the car,Wang Youcai’s cell phone rang,He saw that Chen Xiaodong was calling,I can’t help but frown,I didn’t want to answer,But when I think of Chen Xiaoju,He connected the phone。 “where are you?I want to see you”Chen Xiaodong whispered on the phone,His voice is very cold,Sounds creepy。 Wang Youcai thought for a while […]

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“it is good!I want to see Zhang Teng,Can you help me with this?”Xia Jian thought for a moment,Said such a thing。

Fang Fang smiled and said:“If you insist on going,The way can always be thought of。I’ll let you know after I finish it,But I have to remind you,It’s best to keep contact with such people” “I know。I went to Zhao Longlong this morning to ask someone,It turns out that people go to empty buildings,Beyond recognition。But there […]

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Lei Jiahou and the three big masters are sitting under Li Ming。

“Your Highness,I suggest to go directly to the Takebe members of Donglan Universe Company,Encircle the Baton Empire’s capital,According to the information,Always stay in the Imperial City,Never entered God’s country。。。We directly beheaded,He is just the primary strength of the immortal army master,I can beat him with one move。”The body is like a rock‘Bald’,He is recognized by […]

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Li Tianchou frowned and didn’t respond much,But Hu Dehai jumped up,He stretched out his hand and grabbed the collar of the white coat,Fierce eyes like to eat people,“That yesterday afternoon,Is it really dead??”

“Yes……Yes,Is dead。”The other party was strangled out of breath,Sift all over。 “Where is it buried?” “Buried,Just throw it behind‘Cemetery’Up。” “I drafted grandma!”Hu Dehai slapped,Hit the face,Li Tianchou hurriedly stretched out his hand to hold him,“Time is tight,Bring him,Go find the live one。” Judging from Hu Dehai’s reaction,The situation is not optimistic,I am afraid that Yuan […]

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Not loud,But has a strong penetrating power,The ball stopped creeping,A black shadow slowly rotates in the ball,Like the dark eyes in the red eyeball,Suddenly staying in Li Tianzhi’s direction,An unparalleled fierce air rushes towards the target in mid-air。

A colorful flame suddenly lit up around Li Tianzhen’s body,Looks dim,In fact, it contains very terrifying power,The fierce red light collided with it,Annihilated silently in an instant,There is an invisible air current between the sky and the earth,Quickly dissipated into the distance。 It is difficult for ordinary people to detect,I just feel that the flame […]

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I don’t think I don’t know the feet.,Unless 燕 赤霞,Mistake him as a pick,Otherwise it is impossible.。

Liao Wenjie does not live,Even some of course,It is Yan Chixia’s perfunctory.,He used a little bit of a little bit.。 so,Since the top five,Both Yan Bianshi’s wrong。 After a moment,Yan Chixia gave birth to the leg,Grab a copper plug in his arms,Then I grabbed another,It seems to catch two,Can move this Jinshan。 Money can drive […]

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Working to the ultimate。

The lazer of the whitewater is also getting bigger and bigger.。 The same bullet is playing a circle of ripples above。 Andf did not expect Huaxia this time, this time, this horror exists。 Machine gun,No slightest injury to Li Hui。 Take Li Hui’s directly,A punch wears into the two soldiers chests in Andr。 Blood sputtering […]

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Less than three minutes,Ward door,Have been pushed out,Le Zhenxi is outside the door,He felt that he was as a hot anger.。

Le Yu Xi is straight to the straightness,Angry eyes straight as Lu Hao Cheng,Going to him,Fist,Just squatting two punches on Lu Haozheng’s face.。 Lu Haocheng took a few steps,Face on the face,There are many hearts.。 NS926chapter:Recognize your position first NS926chapter:Recognize your position first Le Zhenxi quickly grabbed his collar,The bottom is like burning flames,Lu Hao […]

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Lu Haozheng bowed,Looking at her:“Blue,Here I bought it.,I will come back later.,It’s also very close to the Yangtze River.。”

Blue Xin looked at him,Laugh:“Buy so many real estate?” Lu Haocheng laughed:“Have so much real estate,Let’s go, you don’t have to rely on your child.,Can also have good。” “hehe……”Blue Xin was amused by his words.:“You are a few years old.?Just thinking。” But there is such an idea is good,The child’s life is very pressure,Many parents […]

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“OK OK,I got it,I will help you find your wife,I’ll get you back soon!”Guo Yinzhe interrupted Hephaestus who was once again immersed in his own world,Repeatedly stated that he must complete the entrustment before entering the teleporter and preparing to leave the temple。

confirmed“Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh”Go far,The statue of Hephaestus restored the shrine of professional challenge,Waiting for the next job transfer,of course,Including a box full of“Thorn rose”Ring…… “Jingle——” Guo Yinzhe found out that he had received a system message of a successful job transfer,system hint:“Congratulations to players‘Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh’Successful transfer!become‘Battle of Glory’Global server8name‘Mechanical pioneer’!Will […]

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